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Blender 2.69: More Features

Vertex Parenting

The ability to vertex parent in object mode has been added to allow many objects to be vertex parented at once.

Vertex parenting in object mode

This new parent context menu item means users can rapidly set up a large number of vertex parent relationships, and avoid the tedious effort of establishing each parent-child vertex relationship separately.


  • Improve shrinkwrap constraints axis control, some simple setups were impossible because of missing options to control projection. (r59916)

Mask Editing

  • Circle and square primitives (r59534). Available from ⇧ ShiftA menu.

Texture Painting

  • Added shortcut CtrlAltF to tweak mask texture rotation directly r59841)


  • Added select more/less for armatures (r58397)
  • Deselecting all keyframes in the Graph Editor no longer deactivates the active F-Curve. (r59756)
  • Show Debug is now enabled for all newly created drivers (r59757)
  • Drivers added from the UI are no longer created with a default Generator F-Modifier. Instead, it now uses a default curve with keyframes at (0, 0) and (1, 1), which can be easily adjusted using the standard techniques. (r59757)

Empty Objects: Apply Scale

It is now possible to use "Apply Scale" for Empties. While Empties don't exactly have any Object data attached to them which can be used for supporting "true" apply scale (i.e. with non-uniform scaling), they do have a draw size value which controls how large the empties are drawn (before scaling). This works by taking the scale factor on the most-scaled axis, and combines this with the existing empty draw size to maintain the correct dimensions on that axis.


  • Add support for loading 8bit BMP images (r59103)

User Interface: Lists

New UI List features.
  • Lists can now be resized by dragging. (r59555).
  • Filtering and sorting of list items is now possible. (r59631).


Viewport roll, Access from Shift+Numpad 4/6, The Modal version is available too but not mapped to any keys by default (so you can mouse-drag to roll the view), (r59707)

Game Engine

The Touch sensor was removed, all its functionality is replaced by the Collision sensor.