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Feature Videos

Blender Developer Sneak Peeks

Starting early 2014, Thomas Beck (BFCT & Blender developer) shows you in his "Blender Developer Sneak Peek" video series once a week new blender features that are currently in development. Over time, many of the features found in this release were topics in the show and can be watched now everytime you like in HD.

Below you'll find all videos, starting with the newest one.

#9 - Tabs, Numinput, Masks & Presets

In this episode: Tabs everywhere :) The new numinput changes from Bastian Montagne, an awesome mask option by Campbell and many cool presets in the movie clip editor (for iphone, gopro...)

#8 - Clamping, Sewing, Volumetrics & Booleans

In this episode: A welcomed addition to Cycles by Thomas Dinges: direct and indirect clamping, sewing cloth parts by the new sewing seams feature by Jez, better booleans by Sergey and a new volumetrics sampling algorithm that produces less noise...

#7 - Particles, FPV Navigation & MCE

In this episode: particle improvements by Lukas Tönne, movie clip editor coolness by Sergey Sharybin, Multi-editing of values & first person view navigation by Dalai Felinto.

#6 - Laplacian Deform Mod & Motion Tracking

In this episode: A very cool "laplacian" modifier by Alexander Pinzon Fernandez, Motion Tracking addendums by Sergey Sharybin and a new section where I explain several smaller features in a short amount of time.

#5 - Volumetric Scattering & Bevelling

In this episode: Volumetric Scattering, Bevelling, Cycles improvements and Bug reporting.

#4 - Toolbar Tabs / Value Input

In this episode: A brandnew feature for Blender 2.70 - Tabs for the toolbar and the new value input system in Blender (Look at #9 too, it changed a bit recently)

#3 - Volumetrics with Cycles

In this episode: A brandnew feature for Blender 2.70 by Thomas Dinges, Brecht, "storm", Stuart Broadfood and Lukas Tönne: Volumetrics rendering in cycles. It can be useful for simulating smoke (to be done ), mist, halo lamps (to be done), glass absorption and many more.

#2 - The wireframe modifier

In this episode: A new modifier that creates wireframes around your mesh with variable size and materials.

#1 - In place editing in lists

In this episode: Editing list fields without having "name" fields (Editing list entries in-place.) There is no need to have a "name" field anymore. Why? See for yourself...

Sneak Peek Playlists

If you'd like to watch all videos in a row then use the complete playlist for the current series. If you'd like to be informed about the features in the upcoming release be sure to look out for the new Developer Sneak Peeks 2.71 playlist on YT or subscribe.

Additional Feature Demos

BFCT Sebastian König is presenting some cool new features too, look at them in the following clips.

Zero Weighted Tracks

Here shows Sebastian how you could use zero weighted tracks to reconstruct a scene.

Value Picking

In this quick tip, Sebastian is showing you how you could pick objects via the key combination (E).

Happy Blending!