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Blender 2.71: Cycles

Deformation Motion Blur

Deforming meshes, such as animated characters including hair, can now be motion blurred. This is enabled by default on all objects in existing and new files that already have motion blur enabled. Deformation motion blur can be disabled on a per object basis, and the accuracy can be improved by using more motion blur time steps, in case two samples are not sufficient.

  • The actual number of steps is 2^(steps - 1). This avoids having to sample at many different times for object with more/fewer steps, now the times overlap. So be careful not to set this value too high, it gives significant increases in memory usage.
  • The motion steps only affect deformation motion blur, not object transformation motion blur.
  • Object transformation and camera motion blur were slightly changed as well. Rather than taking time samples at the previous and next frame, it will now take samples at the current frame +/- shutter time. This will give different render results though usually looks nearly same.
  • Deformation motion blur is enabled by default, but if the object is not deforming, this will be detected at export time, so raytracing performance or memory usage will not be affected.

Fire and Smoke Rendering


Initial support for rendering fire and smoke is now available. Smoke domain meshes now have "density", "flame" and "color" attributes that are accessible through the Attribute node (in a future release we will make this more convenient with a builtin smoke/fire node).

Example ファイル:Cycles simple smoke fire.blend

Baking API

Koro combined map -model from Caminandes project

Baking is now supported for Cycles. The tool mimics most of the Blender internal baking functionality, but adapted to Cycles workflow.

The supported features are:

  • Highpoly objects to low poly object
  • Cage Extrusion
  • Cage Object
  • Normal swizzle
  • Normal space

Some of the supported passes:

  • Combined
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Shadow
  • Environment
  • Diffuse

For the entire list of features refer to the documentation.

Volume Rendering

  • Branched path tracing now renders direct lighting for volumes with less noise but longer render time per sample. Overall render time for the same noise level should be reduced in most cases.
  • A bug was fixed in heterogeneous volume step size calculation, which means you have to double the step size in existing files to get similar results and render times in existing files.
  • Detect homogeneous volume automatically in common cases. (bd03e4cfe8f1)


CPU Rendering on a i5-3570


CPU only:

  • Transparent shadows received a significant speedup (30-50% in some scenes). (9ab259f55b67)
  • Faster rendering of segments/ribbons hair. (c45c472e1b37)
  • Faster Voronoi cells texture. (ab32a1807dd1)

Branched Path

Indirect multi light off/on, 8 AA samples.
  • The Branched Path integrator now samples all lights for indirect bounces, instead of picking one. This can reduce noise in scenes with many lights. It can be disabled in the Sampling panel if needed, also the direct multi light sampling is optional now. (99e20d7b8930, 211f08d89bb4)


Different interpolations: Linear, Cubic, Closest.
  • Add support for multiple interpolation modes on image textures. (dd2dca2f7e77)
  • Add a dedicated UV Map node (cb7cfd3ab6be)
  • Add Transparent Depth output to Light Path node (7765b73f6d2)


  • Added support for Nvidia Maxwell cards (sm_50).
  • Increase maximum image textures, for Kepler card and above, from 95 to 145. (c08c931fb6f5)