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Blender 2.72: Addons

Game Publishing Addon

The new Game Publishing Addon is available for game developers! You can read more about it on the Blender Code Blog.

The addon is still in development, so please download it, play with it, and report bugs.

FBX IO Addon

In addition to usual maintenance (bug fixes, minor enhancements):


  • Support for shape keys was added, including (baked!) animation. Relative shape keys only. (0abd36f1ecbe, 59ff66fa7ac).


  • Support for armatures (skeletons) was added, including skinning (using assumed modern 'Deformers' system, no support for assumed deprecated 'BindPose' system).
  • Support for shapekeys was added.
  • Basic support for animation was added (loc/rot/scale of objects and bones, and influence value of shapekeys). Note FBX anim curves are always read as if linearly interpolated currently, no support for fancy Bézier-like anim curves currently.

DXF Import Addon

The DXF importer got a major overhaul. It supports many new DXF entities and imports as much as possible to curves. It features a geo reference part that can make use of the pyproj python module but also works without it.

UV Addons

UV Addons are added to Blender Contributions.

Python API

  • Tablet pressure can now be accessed in Python. (45f0bd6, 48eecec)
  • Addons can now convert arrays to tuples. (28940d7)
  • New Python function: bmesh.calc_tessface(). (de379c0)
  • New Python function: bmesh.utils.vert_splice(). (49a5115)
  • bpy.ops.wm.link_append() has been split into and bpy.ops.wm.append(). (6191488)