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Blender 2.72: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 11d1fea to 7361d5731e47b14a9ead14891def51a318cc771b, inclusive.

3D View

  • Fix T40850: Object emitter of particles not visible in viewport when GLSL and "only render" checked. (4236e3b)
  • Fix T40867: Autokeyframe in camera view not working. (730a155)
  • Fix T40364: Texture images are not properly displayed in the material preview in BI when using SSS. (7587e82)
  • Fix T40775: Clearing material texture slot through Python does not update 3D View render. (180a7ac)
  • Fix T40939: Border render and SSS doesn't work correct in rendered viewport. (e34e0c2)
  • Fix T41128: Box selection bug with armatures. (6a43ee6)
  • Fix T41206: Camera-only render border broken. (1a9252d)
  • Fix T41137: Old render result from viewport render in camera view does not go away when middle clicking. (354b17d)
  • Fix T41499: Can't use Deselect/Select All tool while in Texture Paint mode. (f11057f)
  • Fix for transparency issues in 3D Viewport. (a9bb96e)
  • Fix for image user count not being decreased when deleting a 3D View background image. (320b7a5, 0fc05c1)
  • Fix for assigning a background image without increasing its usercount. (ed871df)


  • Fix T40801: Selecting group objects by KeyingSets didn't work with builtin KeyingSets. (11e0ddd)
  • Fix for invalid memory access in graph editor when deleting the last vertex in a fcurve. (19f89a0)


  • Fix T40991: Mirrored armatures not restored properly when cancelling. (b617d6d)
  • Fix T41088: Canceling pose library preview does not reset to previous pose. (0fd194c)
  • Fix T41075: Segfault when attempting to escape from bone translation. (57a3403)
  • Fix T41227: Unselectable items are selected when they are unhidden. (e0fd1bf)
  • Fix T41228: Selection of bones bug. (9765265)


  • Fix T41133: Speakers with animated pitch cause clicks in rendered animations, crashes or huge filesizes in rendered audio. (31e1a31)


  • Fix T40829: Collada Export with 'Include Material Textures' selected crashes. (b5acd1a)


Meta Editing

Curve Editing

  • Fix T41443: Crash on using "Separate" tool with Curves & Hooks. (ddb843a)
  • Fix T41085: Blender crashes when using "spline" or "segments" for bevel curve factor. (6c7467e)

File I/O

Game Engine

  • Fix T40761: Bone constraints broken in the BGE. (c92c3ef)
  • Fix T40912: Collision callbacks don't work if set directly. (49aff41)
  • Fix T40923: An error from a python controller on a LibFreed object causes a crash. (4af848e, 04fdd35)
  • Fix T29419: Behavior of applyImpulse (GameObject method) doesn't match the behavior described in the documentation. (1f43b08)
  • Fix T40909: BGE softbodies broken. (3a9e588)
  • Fix T40257: Frustum culling not working properly. (315609e)
  • Fix T40146: BGE Compound parent crash. (dfe1b9b)
  • Fix for a bug causing frequent crash on scene restart with Navmesh. (8aa203a)
  • Fix crash and return boolean from scene.replace(). (fb49c5a)

Image / UV Editing

Mesh Editing

  • Fix for dissolve faces iterating over verts while removing. (0ea7302)
  • Fix bug in validate mesh code (could use index out of range). (51120ef)

3D Text Editing


  • Fix T40556: Curve Modifier does not work when used in a Background scene. (61e5f81)
  • Fix T40877: Bezier Hook to a new object does not work properly. (f4cf845)
  • Fix T41039: Hook modifier sometimes fails to retain correct bezier curve point assignment. (397bc87)
  • Fix T40831: Shrink wrap modifier causes very high CPU usage when targeting meshes with shaped keys. (5bfbe64)
  • Fix T41360: Crash on Boolean Modifier. (0fe70b5)

Motion Tracking

  • Fix incorrect 2d stabilization for masks. (569eafc)

Movie Clip Editor

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix for broken subpixel sampling for render layers node. (ca8d8f5)


  • Fix T40823: Crash when using LoD operator without valid object. (92ecbd2, 92ecbd2)
  • Fix T40862: Numinput transform did not take into account scale_length. (cadf77d)
  • Fix T40164: Linking a Group of linked Groups doesn't use Dupli Visibility correctly. (c9ac51e)
  • Fix T41003: Object Info's Random socket produces erratic results when material is applied to multiple Dupli instances of an object. (5b0e4cd)
  • Fix T41019: Calculate Mass does not calculate actual volume. (4633e65)
  • Fix T40432: Scaling to zero with manipulate center points works precisely on second time. (1526620)
  • Fix T41149: Dissolve crash due to autoSmooth. (f5cee25)
  • Fix T40958: Align rotation + project individual elements not working. (4f18ab1)



  • Fix T40815: Particle birth times not initialized correctly. (259a436)
  • Fix T40983: Particle texture use of generated coordinates is wrong. (06d943c)
  • Fix T41113: Hide doesn't work on particle systems. (8620008)
  • Fix T41114: Particle systems cause memory corruption due to invalid dmcache index (again). (b984489)
  • Fix T41403: Grid Particles only partially generated. (bd623d9)

Physics / Hair / Simulations


  • Fix T41156: UILayout.prop_enum() does not observe "text" parameter override. (cf9d5db)
  • Fix T41196: Calling Bake operator from Python causes a crash. (234ae0b)
  • Fix T41454: Command "Dirty Vertex Colors" prompts Python error. (bb39925)
  • Fix T41204: Setting light distance through Python in BGE incorrectly sets the light's energy instead of distance. (a21a9dd)
  • Fix T41272: KX_Light.color() returns wrong values. (a4c5570)
  • Fix addon crash when trying listdir a directory we have no permission to. (3a58c46)
  • Fix for mathutils.Euler on big endian systems. (a108532)


  • Fix T41395: Set Object As Camera causes strange renders. (5d1d23d)
  • Fix T41349: Muting texture nodes can cause crashes. (1743c81)
  • Fix T41457: Viewport resolution divider uses Freestyle for every resolution. (2184ac8)
  • Fix T40744: MIP Map is generating strange noise in texture. (1ca8684)
  • Fix T41408: Diffuse and specular passes were incorrect with combined/color passes disabled. (d425cb0, be755f3)
  • Fix T41060: Wrong texture 'Object' mapping in 3DView Rendered mode. (e9ef7a8)
  • Fix T40566: Light instances disappear in rendered viewport. (e5fd559)
  • Fix for when an object had dupliobjects children, it was never rendered at all, even if having particle systems. (80d3eb6)

Render: Freestyle

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T40816: SSS brightness difference with Sample All Direct Lights. (8ef2314)
  • Fix T40797: Crash on render on specific file with volumentrics and 'use hair' clicked on render layer. (a8233d7)
  • Fix T40836: Cycles volume scattering shader crash. (cb95544)
  • Fix T40795: Dot output is inverted in viewport with Cycles. (7dbedf6)
  • Fix T40843: Cycles does not support viewport render override. (6ff6883)
  • Fix T40712: Duplicators don't generate orco and UV coordinates in Cycles viewport preview. (2fe0cf5)
  • Fix T39286: Display percentage ignored in Cycles viewport. (2fe0cf5)
  • Fix T41005: Seemingly random crashes with cycles rendering. (5e216a6, f6a174f)
  • Fix T41023: Specific material cause bad render result, different on CPU/GPU. (594ff72, 7149942)
  • Fix T41044: World space location affects object space normal pass during bake. (50d3014)
  • Fix T41122: Mask modifier followed by hair particles causes crash on render. (3ca78a4)
  • Fix T41079: Solid black render of object with negative scale and smooth shading. (9fcaac5)
  • Fix T41116: Motion Blur causes random black surfaces on rigged models. (eb8f85d)
  • Fix T41115: Motion Blur renders objects black, but not in Viewport Preview. (eb8f85d)
  • Fix T41160: Rendering duplifaces crashed Blender. (638bb78)
  • Fix T41139: Cycles Hair roughness causes artifacts. (34937f6)
  • Fix T41197: Blender freezes to infinite loop when switching to PAUSED Cycles rendered viewport. (42aef16)
  • Fix T41222: Cycles gives weird output when baking (4096*4096) resolution on GPU. (983cbaf)
  • Fix T41362: CPU and GPU rendering gives different results. (8bed4e6)
  • Fix T41219: Cycles backface detection doesn't work properly. (bfaf4f2)
  • Fix T41474: Second render layer doesn't render if first one has "Use Surfaces" disabled. (a6ae12a)
  • Fix T41267: Wrong light distribution with when having objects with motion blur. (2e5e1e2)
  • Fix T41013: Crash when using OSL in Cycles. (5e216a6)
  • Fix for crash with environment maps and packed images. (dc40928)


  • Fix T40851: "Sequencer" auto-check after changing spaceview and scene. (0caee78)
  • Fix T41086: VSE separate images increases file size abnormally. (2e43617)
  • Fix T41241: Cropping strips puts a transparent line through the image. (fa8d38d)
  • Fix T41323: Video window taking all the space when switching to split view. (f37c3dd)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix crash on dyntopo when show diffuse option + collapse is used. (05935b5)

Text Editor

  • Fix T41379: Drag n Drop .txt files into the text editor fails. (5ad353b)

User Interface

  • Fix T40841: Copy and Paste objects no longer functions from one running instance of Blender to another. (4c83fae)
  • Fix T40885: "Reset Curve" is backwards on Custom Falloff Curves (Lights). (2e64b83)
  • Fix T40065: Pressing <Esc> in separate render result window does not focus main window. (fef9463)
  • Fix T40895: Zooming out a lot on the Curves Panel crashes Blender. (f004893)
  • Fix T40888: Memory error when selecting Cycles render engine. (8c9c93c)
  • Fix T40548: After canceling, F-Curve handlers don't go back to original position. (22fa831)
  • Fix T40791: Changing path to movie file does not mark the project as changed. (aa620b5)
  • Fix T41109: Reloading image that has been modified outside Blender does not update image in Image Texture nodes. (9a45c9d)
  • Fix T41100: Draw other object UV's doesn't work when both objects have no image. (1f3c846)
  • Fix T41077: Dope sheet's column select (Alt+RMB) gets ignored with NLA Strips. (c03d8a1)
  • Fix T41042: Irrelevant Bezier handles still affect Graph Editor Show All. (73d157e)
  • Fix T41157: Unchecking "Use Gradient" and selecting "Fill tool" not working. 1134ca7
  • Fix T41223: F-Curve sliders won't update values during playback when mouse cursor is outside the left panel. (42ba931)
  • Fix T41240: Home key doesn't show everything on F-Curves. (3a4e8f8)
  • Fix T41258: Crash when entering edit mode while viewport render is enabled. (eb016eb)
  • Fix T41236: Rendered viewport doesn't update with material actions. (54472df)
  • Fix T41175: Quad View - Properties Region - Clip option not updating. (6ba4db2)
  • Fix T41415: Lasso keymap not working in UV editor. (4bd252d)
  • Fix T40717: Screen does not update while scrolling or zooming with touchpad on a laptop. (2eebe61)
  • Fix T41435: Info-text lags changing space-types. (dae74d2)
  • Fix T41427: Region overlap moves into wrong window. (968e1b3)
  • Fix T41467: Modifier view buttons changing positions. (e85bcfa)
  • Fix T41462: "Reload from trusted" button not prompting for confirmation. (71ce415)
  • Fix T41426: Scroll issues with floating menus. (de12cd7)
  • Fix T39630: Mouse Wheel doesn't detect Multi Window Focus. (adb08de)
  • Fix T41497: Colour Ramp UI bug causes invalid interpolations between RGB and HSV/HSL. (7a36251)
  • Fix for NLA editor not being updated on using "Make Links" (Ctrl)+(L). (481e8ab)
  • Fix for selecting object channels in NLA editor didn't make the object active. (89aee74)
  • Fix for glitch with menus not reliably setting an active item. (47e7ce6, 784c99f, 4c3b25e)


Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)



  • Fix T40980: Exporting animation in MPEG Matroska using ffv1 and FLAC codecs fails. (6c70559)
  • Fix T41507: Empty prevents image deletion. (e44cd30)
  • Fix T40792: Blender reports missing files when those files have been packed into a blend. (50ca320)
  • Fix T41035: Scale Manipulator Ctrl+Alt+S issue with Maya shortcuts. (813ece7)
  • Fix T41081: Presets not working on pinned properties panels. (cf3bb40)
  • Fix T40824: Emulate 3 Button Mouse option breaks some functionality in other places. (3ccd9b7)
  • Fix T41062: "copy to selected" doesn't work for all attributes. (5336e68)
  • Fix T41431: Min/Max custom property range mismatch. (7728ffa)
  • Fix T38722: Adding units in Imperial setting results in inconsistent values. (8535b9b)

Blender 2.72a: Bug Fixes

Blender 2.72b: Bug Fixes