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Blender 2.74: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 273fa0a to 4aa5109, inclusive.

3D View


  • Fix T43174: "Record animation" does not update fcurve handles (1187b98)
  • Fix T43343: Buttons for Keyframing Settings are Mutually Exclusive (8db4a24)
  • Fix T38619: Confusing logic for Keying Set keyframing Settings (e0ee74a)
  • Fix T43541: Inserting keyframes using sliders in Action Editor doesn't respect NLA time remapping (a015014)
  • Fix T42510: Bake animation wrong result (2d4980e)
  • Fix T43552: Cannot jump between GP keyframes in dopesheet (810c7ee)
  • Fix T43879: Autokey ignore pref /w viewlock-camera (b1e48ab)
  • Fix joining armatures loses drivers (3df93d0, a730cda)
  • Fix crash when deleting NlaTrack (f4a418b)
  • Fix referencing actions from Action Actuator was not setting a user (ec2ede4)


  • Fix T43776: Clear User transform is not working when mesh is in weight paint mode (ec36e3a)
  • Fix T43303: Impossible to select a joint in stick bone edit mode. (0aa2581)
  • Fix T43872: Adding a constraint to a bone of a proxy armature resets all bones' transformations. (b21e0cc)



  • Fix T43366: Export/import materials inconsistent (a78a17b)
  • Fix T43297: The Exporter assumed ANSII encoding but we need to support UTF-8 instead (d18993d)
  • Fix T43151: Collada meshes crash Blender (34003dd)
  • Fix T43094: Added check for out of bounds in vertex color array (7f25da6)


Meta Editing

Curve/Text Editing

File I/O

  • Fix T42997: Support RGBA output for HuffYUV (607c45a)
  • Fix T42938: image.save_render sometimes saved the wrong pass (7bb29c5)
  • Fix T43472: IMBuf: crash on loading top-to-bottom bitmaps. (d56c9fb)
  • Fix T43560: crash when loading old (2.45 here) file whith multires (4e27f63)
  • Fix T38808: Re-opening an image makes absolute (5115e86)
  • Fix T43910: Unpack fails when stored filename is broken (empty, or no file part...). (8dbbb60)

Game Engine

  • Fix crash when a constraint misses its reference object (ffee7f1)

Image / UV Editing

Mesh Editing

3D Text Editing


  • Fix T43122: Shrinkwrap target, wrong linked object (2d2bfd4)
  • Fix T43324: Shrinkwrap projection issue in editmode (d8c20fb)
  • Fix T43524: Warp modifier curve clamped to 0-1 (d0ae262)
  • Fix T43671: Playing with Mix Factor of Data Transfer Modifier Is Overwritting Data of Base Mesh (a98fc4f)
  • Fix T43643: Solidify crashes with 'only-rim' (31f6e62)
  • Fix T43814: Skinning : set parent with automatic weights doesn't take into account locked vertex groups. (a7e80a9)
  • Fix T43891: Skin modifier inverts some faces (40ef25d)

Motion Tracking

  • Fix T43905: Crash happens when press Create Plane Track (3f572fe)


Movie Clip Editor

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix T43111: Node Editor (Slider) Draw Glitch (e7a9bf8)
  • Fix T43201: Update the "in use" flags of sockets before drawing, so value buttons are displayed when the link is not used. (90a8aa2)
  • Fix T43335: Node Editor: name doesn't update (492b9ab)
  • Fix T43501: Crash on custom node tree creation (f12c17a)
  • Fix T43403: Compositor does not respect interlaced video (445eed8)
  • Fix T43450: Texture node tree failed to clamp (ac2f608)
  • Fix T43771: Bokeh Blur Bounding Box input bug (565df15)
  • Fix T37832: OpenCL compositing bug in defocus node (fd94d2d)




  • Fix T43669: Grease Pencil visibility toggle not working in Outliner (8941202)


  • Fix T43427: Particle system children sometimes not generated on reload (d9c77a4)

Physics / Hair / Simulations

  • Fix T43394: hair remapping needs to handle "global" hair correctly (6f2034c)
  • Fix T43409: Particle instancing on hair sometimes doesn't have a path cache available (4013ae6)
  • Fix T43408: Particle hair segments error (ddc0d28)
  • Fix T43394: Disconnect and connect hair does not work anymore as expected (937c2d8)
  • Fix T42950: Smoke particle flow doesn't work with high res and subframes unless "set size" option is ticked. (1b85ca6)
  • Fix T43515: Initial velocity for fire bug (ca06c33)
  • Fix T43611: Collision shape of rigid bodies changes inadvertently
  • Fix T43768: Pointcache end frame ignores preview range (0f1ffd4)
  • Fix T43674: Smoke collision does not detect obstacles reliably. (219937f)


  • Fix T43206: region_2d_to_origin_3d has no ortho offset (a436649)
  • Fix T43139: Calling bpy.ops.screen.screen_full_area() multiple times in python console causes Blender to crash (f190131)
  • Fix T43429: bpy.ops.render.render() not working with scene in VSE (58f7dec)
  • Fix T43473: mathtutils.geometry.interpolate_bezier returns only 2d coordinates (12a38ab)
  • Fix T43739: Bad documentation for bmesh py intersect_face_point() (51b0ae8)
  • Fix T43904: calc_vert_angle returns wrong value (8638142)
  • Fix T43332: Adding polygon int layer failed (a7855f8)
  • Fix T43421: bisect_edges returns insufficient data (36df8cc)


  • Fix T43275: Crash on Render when using 'save buffer' and render layer name contains a '/' (5852753)
  • Fix T43514: Environment map doesn't update (8186214)
  • Fix T43859: Texture baking crashes blender (bc20a74)
  • Fix T43831: Image Editor: Render info not displayed (26d7b6c)

Render: Freestyle

  • Fix T43090: Cycles + Freestyle + border render = black render (c9e5d92)
  • Fix T43567: Freestyle On/Off keyframe is being ignored. (37ae328)
  • Fix T43624: Freestyle uses wrong colour on second Line Set with textured lines in Cycles. (a0fa3de)
  • Fix for a few line style properties left not copied (60f7f93)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T43019: Child of objectes used by duplis are visible in Cycles (836ea4b)
  • Fix T40616: Deformation Motion Blur for modifiers (117edbb)
  • Fix T43195: Cycles uses clipping sphere instead of clipping plane (54fd3f3)
  • Fix T42621: Glossy world ray visibility affects on transmission rays (c8a9a56)
  • Fix T42212: Singular reflection pass is incorrect in regular path tracer (a1f4821)
  • Fix T43120: Cycles mapping node rotation order is different from viewport (a1ffb49)
  • Fix T43346: Window mapping is wrong in preview render (3b50d3a)
  • Fix T43398: Viewport "Renderend" ist not updated when a material is assigned to a face (9aefe08)
  • Fix T43458: Crashes with hair transmission BSDF (bd10b72)
  • Fix T43475: Rendered Viewport Crash with Ashikhmin-Shirley Glossy BSDF (3f57714)
  • Fix T43496: Infinite loop in kernel when using surface attribute for volume (03cb146)
  • Fix T43561: Wrong include path to standard OSL headers (f8c650a)
  • Fix T43562: Cycles gets stuck with camera in volume in certain setup (25f33e0)
  • Fix T43628: Circular dependency error preventing multiple highpoly objects to bake (560c05e)
  • Fix T43755: Wireframe attribute doesn't work with displace (a97bc1b)
  • Fix T43783: Cycles clipping doesn't match viewport when camera is inside volume (a585cbd)
  • Fix T41066: An actual fix for curve intersection on FMA-enabled CPUs (c8fb488)
  • Fix T43484: Motion blur fails in certain circumstances (d4c1e98)
  • Fix wrong transparent shadows on non-SSE CPUs (9e57bab)
  • Fix inconsistent command line used for runtime kernel compilation (7ea7c2a)
  • Correction to glossy shaders not handling total internal reflection (b03ac83)
  • Fix over-allocation in decouple ray marching (ef11be0)


  • Fix T43078: Strip custom proxy files did not respect color space settings (ec9a137)
  • Fix T43079: Proxies of 100% size are ignored in sequencer (9de54da)
  • Fix T43399: VSE - don't show fps info when stopping animation with ALT+A (2855485)
  • Fix T43566: Missing update event for VSE (0527fc5)
  • Fix T43612: VSE crash clearing proxies (d266733)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix T42977: Weights failed to display in Wireframe mode when using Face Select (6339ba1)
  • Fix T42984: Detail flood fill not respecting mask values for smooth/sharp curves. (a3e832e)
  • Fix T43345: Dirty Vertex Colors - odd behavior (b648ba4)
  • Fix T43454: Color is washed out in textured brushes (7ce7cb5)
  • Fix T43556: Clamp brush size before setting it after division by DPI, avoids nasty zero size brushes. (77698f6)
  • Fix T43735: painting on perpendicular to the screen polygons is problematic (still!) (efb20da)
  • Fix T43535: Weight paint issues (6ddd254)
  • Fix T43937: Changing Texture Brush doesn't update toolbar (b14e287)

Text Editor

User Interface

  • Fix T42879: File Browser - disable selecting ".." entry (Parent Directory) (76b4fad)
  • Fix T43114: File Browser - don't highlight '..' while using border select (555c1d6)
  • Fix T43113: Filebrowser: Empty folders do not contain go back arrow. (a08c5e1)
  • Fix T40435: Fix event system modifier key handling (eefb393)
  • Fix T42754: File-Selector lost on fullscreen exit (c6d28a9)
  • Fix T43247: Don't open pulldown when a popup overlaps it (1742212)
  • Fix T43008: Support stacked fullscreen areas (f7e8445)
  • Fix T41757: Inconsistent hotkey label with setting (945ea40)
  • Fix T43207: fill brush fails in perspective mode (a0e8b98)
  • Fix T43554: Zoom to mousepos makes 2D Views pan after zoom limits are reached (6b107da)
  • Fix T43621: Layout only using 65% of available width (b7bac19)
  • Fix T43740: 'Back to Previous' failed on reload (8ee2b01)
  • Fix T43864: Saving from top area in fullscreen changes wrong area into File Browser (c271a9f)


Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)

  • Fix T43367: Non-wacom tablets broken on Blender in linux? (0d5ebab)
  • Fix T43920: Crash when clicking into different area during IME composition (7d5d971)


  • Fix T43159: Copying of linked datablocks using relpath leads to invalid paths in new copies (60e70c0, 95847f6)
  • Fix T43315: Minor Conflict in Maya Key Configs (b112ea3)
  • Fix T43530: Using blender on remote connection crashes (c48c20b)
  • Fix T43579: FBX Export shading issue (Broken normals?) (a42553f)
  • Fix T43424: Undo changes the active scene (31e26bb)
  • Fix T43149: Grease Pencil fill areas look divided by multiples ray lines (387d918)
  • Fix T43769: Envmap Texture copy looses image (96c452b)
  • Fix T43634: Selecting 'Drop Color' from spacebar menu causes instant close (77faefb)
  • Fix T43479: Animated textures lost after going to a frame before animated frame start (46fe39f)
  • Fix T43890: Crash, Alt-D over operator redo button (90e1b83)
  • Fix T43900: "Operator Mesh Add" template fails Another script that was missing the lookup_table call. (61aede4)
  • Fix T43941: Grease pencil eraser outline vanishes (f1a0c2a)
  • Fix T43887: Quick Fur duplicate particle system on edit (51a60cb)
  • Fix access freed memory when doing constraints ID counter on main free (6405aa4)