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Blender 2.74: Feature Videos

Starting early 2014, Thomas Beck (BFCT & Blender developer) shows you in his "Blender Developer Sneak Peek" video series once a month new blender features that are currently in development. Over time, many of the features found in this release were topics in the show and can be watched now everytime you like in Full HD.

Below you'll find all videos, starting with the oldest one for this release.

#19 - Viewport AO, DoF, Particles

  • Keyframes are now drawn at 60% timeline height 0:31
  • Realtime SSAO and realtime DOF! 2:04
  • W Key and E Key for selecting viewport depth of field 6:43
  • Adjustable safe areas for the viewport 7:25


  • Select smooth / sharp faces 9:14
  • [Slurph shapekey feature removed (was non working for 1 year already)]
  • [Extruding more than one control point is now supported on curves]

Particle Systems

  • Render and view button inside the particle panel 10:38
  • Roughness curves 11:30
  • Spiral kinking 14:54
  • Hair collisions 17:13

File Browser

  • Search field 18:35
  • Editable bookmarks 19:13

#20 - Outliner, VSE, Data Transfer Modifier

  • Delete hierarchy to delete complete trees 0:48
  • Drag & Drop objects to groups 1:42
  • Create new objects from the outliner 2:35
  • Outliner context menus for Constraints and Operators 3:13
  • Orphaned datablock mode 4:20


  • Preview strips by dragging the playhead 8:10
  • Proxy enable operator (Proxy Panel) 10:03
  • Follow animation playback (Playback menu in the timeline) 11:00
  • Slip Tool (S) accepts numerical input now 12:35

Data Transfer Modifier

  • Transfer Data Modifier 13:36

#21 - GP, Pointiness, Painting, Normal Edit Modifier

Grease pencil
  • Copy & Paste for stroke segments 0:47
  • Copy active GPencil layer (Properties panel) 2:40
  • Color swatches for stroke & fill colors 3:40
  • F Key controls eraser size in edit mode 4:30
  • Select linked with L 4:55


  • Gamma node for Blender Internal 6:10
  • Text documentation node added 7:45
  • Pointiness Geometry Output 9:20
  • Texture Coordinates from another object are now supported 11:40


  • Normal Edit Modifier 15:00


  • Random and Rake together supported 18:20
  • Random rotation now has an angle to limit the rotation 21:20
  • Cavity Mask Painting 22:15


  • Graph Editor: Follow playback 24:12
  • The compositor uses much less memory than before! 24:45
  • The undo steps have been increased to 256 (from the ancient 64) 25:00

Plane Track Deform Blur

The Plane Track now supports Motion Blur, calculated from the motion of the plane track. That makes it easier to composite 2D Elements into live action footage, which usually has a bit of motion blur. By matching the blur appearance with the shutter speed and samples values of the plane track node you can now integrate images much better into your footage. Here's a short demo by Sebastian Koenig: