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Blender 2.75: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 000dfc0319 to 8e0ab3d42f, inclusive (master branch).

Changes from revision bff8b5ddad to 524a0fe398, inclusive (blender-v2.75-release branch).

Total fixed bugs: 389 (278 from tracker, 111 reported/found by other ways).

Objects / Animation / GP


  • Fix unreported: Crash when trying to create new action in Shape Key DopeSheet mode (rBb7afbaf8cc)
  • Fix unreported: Crash when using "On Selected Markers" mode for Propogate Pose with no markers present (rBf30b60d139)
  • Fix unreported: Drawing glitch when renaming animation channels (rB03f2e5d4a6)
  • Fix unreported: Action Editor: Preemptive fix for null-pointer dereference (rB6589d07c8f)
  • Fix unreported: Changing actions in the Action Editor using the Browse dropdown should happen in tweakmode (rBe4fbc8fc8d)
  • Fix unreported: Action Editor "Browse" Fix: Stash active action if nothing else uses it (rBa0e1b6573a)
  • Fix unreported: Fix: "Delete Keyframes" RMB-menu option didn't work on NLA Strip properties (rB1c40dfc43c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Don't show "Clear Keyframes" option in RMB menu for NLA Strip properties (rBb79c898bd6).


  • Fix T44408: "Rest Length" property in the Stretch To constraint was getting clipped when using Metric Units (rB0b691563ea)

Grease Pencil

  • Fix T44259: Secondary strokes get terminated early when drawing in Continuous Drawing mode (rB59df941ea5)
  • Fix T44412: Crash when trying to paint on a GPencil frame when the frames are out of order (rB09f2aa9382)
  • Fix T44452: Inconsistent gpencil color in prefs (rB6bc26540c2)
  • Fix T43867: Clicking outside the viewport exits now Grease Pencil "Continous Draw" mode (rBbe0dcd4e34)
  • Fix T29029: Grease pencil fails in Quad View (rB4e1c27f646)
  • Fix T44685: In grease pencil stroke editing, selecting points is offset by a few pixels (rB206f29c12c)
  • Fix T44084: Cursor gets reset after MMB scrolling in another area while in GPencil Continous Draw Mode (rB2b9d806432)
  • Fix T44774: Grease Pencil eraser size reset after exiting session (rB389564c711)
  • Fix unreported: Grease Pencil and negative frames (rB582fa5e36e)
  • Fix unreported: "show_points" setting for Grease Pencil drawing didn't work (rB5f6b958e96)


  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong proxy pointer hanging around after making all local (rBe3f07d1f17).

Data / Geometry


  • Fix unreported: Glitch scaling bone radius (rB6461fbd9ce)
  • Fix unreported: parent tips staying selected after separate (rB77f0f3c54e)

Curve/Text Editing

Mesh Editing

  • Fix unreported: Incorrect assert in lnor code. (rB9542cf041a)
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: use inverse-square falloff /w smooth-subdiv (rB6e02f1da74)
  • Fix unreported: Data transfer - Loop Islands Hell Fixes. (rBcdabf7e353)
  • Fix unreported: Crash with datatransfer operator when source object was hidden. (rBe560bbe1d5)
  • Fix unreported: EdgeSlide: fix divide by zero (rBcb7fdf45cd)
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: decimate wasn't using face/edge centers (rB24e1d7f4f4)
  • Fix unreported: Mesh mirror failing on isolated verts (rB2c000cc9fc)
  • Fix unreported: join faces ignoring angle limit (rBed2cb8de2f)
  • Fix unreported: error joining tris -> quads (rB4737722968)
  • Fix unreported: crash clearing skin data on non mesh (rBf9b6f5756c)
  • Fix unreported: Correct vert/edge slide poll functions (rBc0ca70a3b2)
  • Fix unreported: Fix error calculating bmesh normals (rBb07be730b2)
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash transforming UV /w PET-connected mode (rB6bf9aaa6e6).

Meta Editing



  • Fix unreported: modifiers stack not recalculated when mapping requirements change (rBc64f491f9f)

Physics / Simulations / Sculpt / Paint


  • Fix unreported: Crash when using particle emission with clump/roughness curves (rB8463e6cb41)
  • Fix unreported: Yet another fix for crashing particles. (rB4dc141f933)
  • Fix unreported: Missing particles in render if they're disabled for viewport (rBc523e82e31)

Physics / Hair / Simulations

  • Fix unreported: Unstable particle jittered distribution. (rBa0a6cb129e)
  • Fix unreported: rare crash duplicating fluidsim (rB7f89bc8e85)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix unreported: Fix adding to paint-curves from the first point (rB890e533c76)
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: resolve skinny face artifacts /w dyntopo (rBd2da8aa27a)
  • Fix unreported: Fix project painting on a negative scaled object (rBf829f556b4)
  • Fix unreported: Rake: store last position from mouse, don't store halfpoint between last (rB15fd37fab2)
  • Fix unreported: Fix project paint worldspace coord calc from seam (rB9207c8d669)

Image / Video / Render

Image / UV Editing



Motion Tracking


Movie Clip Editor

  • Fix unreported: Fix bad memory access freeing viewport which uses movie clip (rB3e5cd52783)
  • Fix unreported: Deselecting with shift-LMB does not work in graph view (rB0d64e26740)
  • Fix unreported: Selecting curves in graph view always extends tracks selection (rB730e61b446)

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix unreported: Patch D1283 by Alexander Romanov fixes reroute node type update not (rB0abb6f3ef0)
  • Fix unreported: Updating node standard value won't work if node is hidden, patch by (rB69bf3a9e94)
  • Fix unreported: Node Editor using wrong snap element menu when called from shortcut (rBd1230ca723)


  • Fix unreported: Race condition and bad memory access highlighting render tiles (rB3d6642db83)
  • Fix unreported: Opengl rendering always looking through camera (rB5dd63a977f)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix unreported: Fix displacement code creating cyclic dependencies in graph (rBa43d00d51e)
  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong render result in certain configuration of render layer's surface/hair (rBcca4405437)
  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong order in object flags calculations (rBe5f3193df3)
  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong termination criteria in SSS volume stack update (rB7aab5c6ca9)
  • Fix unreported: Fix possible uninitialized XML read state which might cause crashes (rB16794f908f)
  • Fix unreported: missing features gathering from the bump graph (rBf45f2ac687)
  • Fix unreported: crash doing render preview of external OSL script (rB0589a814ba)
  • Fix unreported: wrong name displayed for the debug passes (rB6c8f2049f6)
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix missing node distance update when only two child intersected in QBVH (rB84117c0e54).

Render: Freestyle

  • Fix unreported: Fixed a crash due to missing call of StrokeShader.__init__() in Python. (rB3da7226844)
  • Fix unreported: Line style ID datablocks not copied when fully copying a scene. (rB046388830a)
  • Fix unreported: Freestyle: Fix for wrong assertion failure upon inverted face normals (rB27649a5d86).


  • Fix unreported: Crash adding mask modifier (rB64451f0928)
  • Fix unreported: Shift duplicate and snap crashes in sequencer (rB77ff544d93)
  • Fix unreported: reserve frames in sequencer failing with big frame ranges. (rB8c6a9b9edc)
  • Fix unreported: off by one error in display of start/end frame in sequencer. (rB0e02ad8b64)

UI / Spaces / Transform

3D View

  • Fix unreported: fix view-selected zoom logic (rBe0611ca832)
  • Fix unreported: Crash with non-camera as a camera (rBcae23bab6b)
  • Fix unreported: Eyedropper with quad-view (rB68fe630735)
  • Fix unreported: GPU_shader_export fails /w some lamp attrs (rB2b0613b948)
  • Fix unreported: Don't show smoke domain when render-only enabled (rBde953bf7b8)

Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)

  • Fix unreported: Fix duplicated IME input (rB6e72f06069)
  • Fix unreported: Fix for debug-only crash when setting "Any" keymap input type (rB02a5cf75a2)
  • Fix unreported: ndof: fix Linux device detect regression (rB55b7a8c027)


Text Editor


  • Fix unreported: Fix bend in object mode (wasn't rotating objects) (rB7fd93dc8dc)
  • Fix unreported: error redoing shrink fatten (rBa5a648c7c6)

User Interface

  • Fix unreported: Fix broken uiTemplateIconView(). (rB6a1c123df4)
  • Fix unreported: widget_draw_preview() not taking into account given alpha. (rB1ac0fef345)
  • Fix unreported: RMB menu in popup, included 'Header' submenu (rB9b1ca19396)
  • Fix unreported: Don't crash with pie menus with more than 8 items. (rBded0004f8b)
  • Fix unreported: Fix ugly drawing of closed panels in horizontal layout (rB3100fbef5e)
  • Fix unreported: Fix UI string clip (reverse search separator char) (rB2c7cb8ce59)
  • Fix unreported: tooltip colors not initialized correctly (rB91d424b82a)

Game Engine

  • Fix unreported: Light layer check (rBe0aeafdf0a)
  • Fix unreported: BGE crashes when RunPythonCallBackList() is called with maxargcount != minargcount (rBbf6bde232d)
  • Fix unreported: fix bugs with physics collision mask/group (rB546031b694)
  • Fix unreported: Fix ghash assert during BGE libload (rB8e4ac2d)
  • Fix unreported: Fix rna default value in BGE UI (rB4fca12e0fa)
  • Fix unreported: Activate collision mask/group in UI. (rB62b13c6d07)
  • Fix unreported: Collision callbacks for compound controllers (rB4616a7a4d3)
  • Fix unreported: Compound child shape added on instance game object (rB15751238d5)
  • Fix unreported: Double jumps are not working with character motion actuator (rB8bf9e1412f)
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash during physics mesh update. (rB4d8f7eddda)
  • Fix unreported: Fix Bullet shape margin for triangle mesh static objects (rB909d3228b1)
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix blenderplayer bad call stubs not updated. (rB192fddb)
  • Fix unreported: Fix black material on meshes without materials in blenderplayer. (rB2da9a39418)
  • Fix unreported: bug with default material and MTFace. (rB153cebd95b)
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix memory leak when unable to add wheel (rB9755986)
  • Fix unreported: BGE: fix use after free (rBedfe2d6)

System / Misc


  • Fix unreported: AUD_OpenALDevice::getPosition returns negative values (rB770b109deb)


  • Fix T44648: Collada finding bone chains during import crashes when no bones are there (rB0525db39d1)
  • Fix T44884: Index counter for active UV Map used wrong offset (rB51bec8e22e)
  • Fix T44884: corrected a wrong usage of the CustomLayer API (due to a misunderstanding) (rBa5a1d4aa3a)

File I/O

  • Fix unreported: Do not systematically do live-update when tab-completing textedit buttons. (rB3f30ebf64a)
  • Fix unreported: Use off_t for filesize (was int) (rBec710775cf)


  • Fix unreported: Fix RNA active spline assignment (rBd0fcbab152)
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash using removed data as function arguments (rBdb710e6c0d)
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash using "Copy to selected" on ID-props (rBff1ed872d9)
  • Fix unreported: Out-of-bounds read BKE_deform_flip_side_name (rB8b6e777736)
  • Fix unreported: Loading of indexed .bmp files (rB4b3641ec99)
  • Fix unreported: Fixes for backbuf selection logic (rB62e149881a)
  • Fix unreported: Crash in blenderplayer when scrubbing off screen. (rBf6062638c1)
  • Fix unreported: drawing text on >2gig buffers (stamp for eg) (rBc67abff7f0)



  • Fix unreported: Attempt to fix an error in compilation of geometry shaders in Intel 4000 (rB0ef9f61410)
  • Fix unreported: Crash loading file without scene in bg mode (rB7f4b6a345e)
  • Fix unreported: Fix double-free on copied Text compiled py-code (rB920fa0f963)
  • Fix unreported: Fix multilayer OpenEXR not supporting metadata. (rBde68066c1c)
  • Fix unreported: a broken symlink to an addon resulted in a blank addon tab (rB07d51141ae)
  • Fix unreported: Fix error enabling an already enabled addon (rBf98ec7607f).

Blender 2.75a: Bug Fixes

The two main fixes to know for this release are:

  • Game Engine would crash for Objects using velocity clamping
  • Browsing render passes in Blender crashed.

The more technical info:

Changes from revision 295d0c52a26730edc6d4ed1276e4051cce006be5 to 5af1daa2dc85adcabc057c1f28ca29163fae3d00, inclusive (master branch).

  • Fix vertex-slide regression with rotated objects (rBc702dab)
  • Fix vertex-slide helper-line scale (rB51e9a81)
  • Fix Multi-View UI: convergence is only useless for the parallel camera (toe-in still uses it) (rB80f344f)
  • Fix Keyframe indicators for NLA Strip properties fails if the AnimData has an active action (rBd96842b)
  • Correct --help message (rBd3709f4)