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Blender 2.75: Feature Videos

Starting early 2014, Thomas Beck (BFCT & Blender developer) shows you in his "Blender Developer Sneak Peek" video series once a month new blender features that are currently in development. Over time, many of the features found in this release were topics in the show and can be watched now everytime you like in Full HD.

Below you'll find all videos, starting with the oldest one for this release.

#22 - Filebrowser, VSE, User Interface & Grease Pencil

  • Thumbnails: New display options (Tiny, Small, Normal, Large) 0:53
  • Fonts: Previews now supported 1:40


  • DoF high quality: Via the new checkbox "High quality" 2:44


  • Proxy storage per strip or per project 4:44
  • Use placeholders to add not-yet-rendered files 9:40


  • Use Ctrl+MW to cycle values (previously Alt+MW) 12:40
  • Multi object value change: Hold Alt to change the same value on multiple selected objects. 13:25
  • Panel drag-collapse 15:54
  • View Online Manual' Shortcut 16:44
  • Add eyedropper for selecting object & obdata 17:22
  • Add material slot reorder buttons - Attention, Material order changes then... 17:30
  • View3D: Quad-view opposite axis switching Pressing Numpad9 now orbits to the opposite side in any viewport 19:02

Grease Pencil

  • H/Shift-H/Alt-H hides and reveals Layers in Strokes Edit Mode 22:00
  • Draw status indicator in top-right corner when in Stroke Edit Mode 21:19

#23 - Nodes, Rendering, Painting & Sculpting

Nodes & Rendering
  • Snapping for Node Editor: Shift+Tab to enable it, Ctrl+Shift+Tab to open the menu, exit group now Ctrl+Tab 0:42
  • Cycles: Light portals 2:50
  • Cycles: Animated seed feature 9:10
  • Separate scene simplification into viewport and render 10:30
  • Show left/right buttons to change render layer/pass in UV Editor header 12:10
  • Cycles: OpenCL kernel split, so AMD cards are now in experimental state supported 12:34

Painting & Sculpting

  • Project Paint: Symmetry support 13:40
  • Allow ctrl click to do negative stroke in line strokes 14:25
  • Use alt for angle constraints 15:00
  • Dyntopo detail expressed in percentage of brush radius 15:43

Simplify option split

Scene simplification option was split into two parts: viewport settings and render settings. Pablo Vazquez has a nice video demonstrating this!