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Blender 2.77: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 208e064721 to 5cec0e6faf, inclusive (master branch).

[RC2] Changes from revision 00ca17acaa to 1e1118e7e7, inclusive (blender-v2.77-release branch).

[Release] Changes from revision 88a3b68610 to 22a2853b5d, inclusive (blender-v2.77-release branch).

Total fixed bugs: 526 (333 from tracker, 193 reported/found by other ways).

Before RC1 (i.e. during regular development of next version in master branch), only fixes of issues which already existed in previous official releases are listed here. Fixes for regressions introduced since last release, or for new features, are not listed here.
For following RCs and final release, all backported fixes are listed.

Objects / Animation / GP


  • Fix T46391: Sync Length in NLA is not working on all instances of clip (rBbf969e9dde).
  • Fix T46236: NLA transition strips do not get resized when neighbouring strips change (rB0a7aaa99d8).
  • Fix T46467: Clean Keyframes removes the channels (rBaf9002dc3f).
  • Fix T46632: Graph editor frame navigation shortcuts not working (rBcd1d6d7770).
  • Fix T46687: Animating tracks properties from objects didn't use proper path (rB321a609caa).
  • Fix T46701: Sampled FCurve looks jagged when FModifiers (doing nothing) are present (rB9ac08840ae).
  • Fix T46841: Thick lines w/ graph visible (rB47dd7d7133).
  • Fix T45523: "View All" in Graph Editor does not respect Y axis with small values (rB477078defa).
  • Fix T47233: fcurves.find() won't work with drivers (rB45fd0847f4).
  • Fix T46037: Moving keys in NLA tweak mode on offset actions results in Bezier handles getting stretched unreasonably (rBc105c59bb4).
  • Fix T45915: Cannot select keyframes in summary channels in Dope Sheet in TweakMode (rBc4dc14b079).
  • Fix T47472: Border select in the Action Editor does not respect NLA scaling on Summary Tracks (rBba99e097f7).
  • Fix T47492: Name is not displayed for newly renamed FCurve, when the path was broken (rB86c55a18e5).
  • Fix T47433: Driven shapekey values (from 2.4x) are not indicated as having drivers (rB6c02c5fb09).
  • Fix T44453: Exporting Keying Sets referencing node tree properties generates invalid Python code/paths (rB028c67c81e).
  • [Release] Fix T47706: 'CTRL ALT Left Mouse' clicking on the dope sheet summary line crashes Blender (rBc20bcba363).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: X-axis values in Graph Editor should not be displayed as timecodes in "Drivers" mode (rBa93605b95b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Missing update after scrubbing time in Graph Editor (rB2092056745).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Prevent warnings from popping up when trying to edit driver expressions from buttons (rB04ff2784da).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/Request T46798: Alt+I removes keyframes from all bones, not only selected in Pose Mode (rB48f298f09d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: NLA Mapping should not apply to keyframes of Driver FCUrves (rB236d094865).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Breakdowner value would jump when starting the tool a second time during a Blender session (rBe965e92fa5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix clear keyframes op not reporting when called over a locked fcurve (rB4e2eea63a4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: "Speaker" Icon for "Muting" in GPencil Dopesheet mode was confusing and used incorrectly (rB770319bbd2).


Grease Pencil

  • [Release] Fix T47772: Randomize stroke has direction bias (rB4bb12140e3).
  • [Release] Fix T47760: Toggling GPencil's "Selection Mask" via Python does not update UI (rB4e53ca9ed2).
  • [Release] Fix T47818: GPencil Sculpt Brush settings update when adjusted using scrollwheel while sculpting (rB6f49d970e0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Renaming Grease Pencil layers doesn't update the Dopesheet Channels Region (rBee509b4cb7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: ANIM_animdata_update() was not handling post-edit updates on GP channels (rB3419ffdf49).
  • [RC2] Fix unreported: Fix: "Twist" GP Sculpt brush didn't work well in 3D View (rB9c474b187a).
  • [RC2] Fix unreported: Fix: "Twist" GP Sculpt brush in 2D Editors was unusable... now mostly usable, if still slightly offset (rBb594b25dad).


  • Fix T46386: Duplicate fails updating driver links (rB97b6948181).
  • [RC2] Fix T47593: 'Move to layer' will be crash in blender 2.77rc1 (rBe956ebd0f9).
  • [Release] Fix T47787: When performing operation 'Make single user' -> 'obj&data', object could be removed from group (rB80b906cb31).

Dependency Graph

  • Fix unreported: NewDepsgraph: Fix typo tagging wrong flag (rB6f22494140).

Data / Geometry

Curve/Text Editing

Mesh Editing

  • Fix unreported: Fix mesh validate: 'r_changed' ignored loop edits (rB68797eda1f).
  • Fix unreported: Mesh remapping: fix loop 'best matching normals' not using transform space (rBa88ae6fa70).
  • Fix unreported: Fix broken CD_NORMAL interpolation callback (would generate non-unit vectors) (rBbfdb42047a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix BMesh selection flushing w/ mixed modes (rB56bcda8bc6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix flip normals w/ multires (rB073ae9c572).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: edge/vert slide ignored multires data (rB0d0fa446b7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix BMesh memory leak w/ multires data (rB534c0af4d3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix face creation using incorrect loop-custom-data (rB3863660c37).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/enhance BKE_mesh_validate_arrays (rB41bdd3fc39).
  • Fix unreported: Fix mixup w/ wmOperator/BMOperator flag (rBeab0063481).
  • Fix unreported: Fix related to T46804 - BMesh validate code would use invalid pointers after checking them! (rB8bdb884289).
  • Fix unreported: Fix error with intersect handling split-wire edges (rB6483575b35).
  • Fix unreported: Fix auto-merge loosing edge/faces selection (rBb2e36dcd7d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) Newly added grid's vertices not being selected (rB258564a7b4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bad selection after symmetrize (rB6d10bf7c44).
  • Fix unreported: Fix weld edges into faces - eternal loop (rB6732da8340).
  • Fix unreported: Fix weld edges into faces splicing verts that shared a face (rB083d6d63c8).
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: remove doubles fix/optimization (rB9a1ea681e6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix possible invalid-index use /w link/path select (rBc6e8353462).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bisect flagging w/ multiple cuts on an ngon (rB9ac83d499e).
  • Fix unreported: Fix incorrect weight normalize w/ locks (rB3a51a90e56).
  • Fix unreported: Fix weight paint normalizing w/ locked groups (rB10ac7c0f15).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Smooth Weight expand logic (rBb147ecb991).
  • Fix unreported: Fix group flipping when syncing mirror weights (rBc6afa36f47).
  • Fix unreported: Fix related to T45343: UV unwrap giving poor results for some n-gons (rB1a676d4e0e).

Meta Editing

  • Fix T46508: data_transfer of normals fails in case objects are transformed (rB8172712841).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash w/ metaball undo & track last-selected (rB5c63415afe).


  • Fix unreported: OpenSubdiv: Fix wrong handling of vertex parent (rB7e7527d3ce).
  • Fix unreported: Fix related to T46567: Skin modifier: add a warning message when no valid root vertex is found (rB883a894d77).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) Ocean modifier assuming all its faces are quads (rB8d09eecc50).
  • [Release] Fix unreported: Fix crash adding EditNormals modifier to NURBS object (or other types but mesh) (rB34510e3cce).

Material / Texture

Physics / Simulations / Sculpt / Paint


  • Fix unreported: Fix/workaround T46622: crash w/ metas & particles (rBba5d6f5b6b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) potential crash: ParticleSystem->part shall never be NULL (rBa9df76b167).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) foreach ID looper going over some psys' IDs twice (rB256f091cbd).
  • Fix unreported: And another fix to psys ID handling - ParticleSystem->part **is** user counted! (rB9d18e46ddf).

Physics / Hair / Simulations

  • Fix unreported: Fix particle count being grayed out when emitting from verts, but grid is on (rBd970f02ee1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) do not show 'appearances' options tool panel in ParticleEdit mode (not supported) (rBbe303589bc).

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix unreported: Some fixes from coverity (only one really nasty, in paint_proj) (rB6f1c44e611).

Image / Video / Render

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix unreported: Fix related to T46223: memory leak when loading multilayer multiview images (rB12c705ec86).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for error w/ RenderView in ImageView list (rB48f4e1a63f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix related to T46538: do not popup choice menu of mark/clear seam UV editor op invoke when prop is already set! (rBc4e1837e6a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix error in white-balance w/ float buffer (rB60fa2644cb).
  • Fix unreported: Fix image save ignoring options (rB351d6d18aa).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing render result release when alt-wheeling render pass menu (rBa224ee00f5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix lock release deadlock when acquiring pass with no data ready yet (rBd631252109).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash enabling Use Multiview on images with an empty filepath (rBe608f2e7ec).

Motion Tracking

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix unreported: Fix error cutting node links (rB46f452e96b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/Workaround T46412: Defocus node not working on Windows 32 bit (rB0834015b74).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) crash when ungrouping a nodegroup with some animated node (rB8132553553).
  • Fix unreported: Fix compositor using edge repeat policy when it shouldn't (rBae086225da).


  • Fix unreported: Fix potential memory leak baking (rBe5117108aa).
  • Fix unreported: Fix invalid memory access in multiview code during render, reported on irc (rB5b30e823a7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix part of T47025: Shadow pass error: Black shadow (rB7f65eb3f53).
  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong information used for stamp when "Strip Metadata" is used (rBcb9f9a63e0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash on exit with Blender Internal baking and envmap render (rBd40a24a037).
  • Fix unreported: Fix uninitialized var use initializing bake data (rBf6c11062bc).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leak in point density (rB48ed9fcb78).

Render: Cycles

  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix intersection issues caused by degenerate instance matrix (rB8fa4fccec4).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix issues with quick inverse of degenerate matrix (rB4974ed93ef).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong intersection with motion blur and degenerate object transform (rB29247a7a05).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix for watertight intersection (rBf84cbae43e).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Watertight fix for SSS intersection (rB47b1279762).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix typo in split kernel (rB537f41250f).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fixes for few typos in OpenCL kernel (rBcb1cb63d40).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Add Blackman-Harris filter, fix Gaussian filter (rB8dea06565f).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong volume stack update with SSS object intersecting the volume (rBde35827612).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix missing indirect subsurface initialization in the bake code (rB299fae1838).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Set of fixes for delayed SSS ray tracing (rB1e43f0d742).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong original ray used for SSS baking (rBf5d1551b6e).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix SSS object not properly reflected in glossy object with indirect clamping (rBd0a9ec5efc).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles-Bake: Fix Uninitialised value created by a heap allocation (rBee2b583a05).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix Tile access in the TileManager for viewport rendering (rB8e07b87866).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix viewport rendering with multiple GPU devices (rB99da8e1ed8).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix for SSS objects being black when combined with motion blur (rBa60c3c6b21).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (partial) T47198: Cycles have broken UVs in some degenerated quads cases (rBa6eae73391).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong clamping used for camera border (rBd55bd1bd87).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix an AttributeErro exceptionr on missing object context (rB5237937a08).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash when cancelling cycles bake in some cases (rB4c04149bca).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix infinite recursion of md5 calculation on Windows (rB7d85da882b).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix crash when trying to render after re-enabling the addon (rBc5e1781944).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong sample all direct/indirect settings on sm_50 and higher (rBda81227e54).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix bug in CMJ pattern when number of samples is 1 (rBb6d9cbe654).
  • [RC2] Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix compilation error of certain OpenCL split kernels (rB550215a65e).
  • [RC2] Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong default value for volume samples (rB3382ba0238).

Render: Freestyle

  • Fix unreported: Freestyle: Fix for 'Distance from Object' modifiers without a target object (rB734af18651).


  • Fix unreported: Fix crash sequencer drawing with no sound (rB598180f98d).
  • Fix unreported: Sequencer: Fix crash when trying to change filepath of Sound strip (rB4aa286d788).
  • Fix unreported: Fix white balance, was doing unnecessary linear conversions (rB3e6b7d0fd8).
  • Fix unreported: Fix white balance sequencer modifier (rB073ce98231).

UI / Spaces / Transform

3D View

  • Fix unreported: Fix (coverity-reported) broken 'transform helpers' drawing (rB52f74923e6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix error w/ printing knife header angle-snapping (rBdf1e9fac06).
  • Fix unreported: Fix error orbiting out of camera + orbit-selected (rB0241e28049).
  • Fix unreported: Fix opengl error when GLSL is on for basic shader: shader needs to be bound before setting uniforms (rB49a30112d4).
  • Fix unreported: Smoke: fix for missing viewport color update (rBf1e8204f5a).
  • Fix unreported: OpenGL Smoke: fix color issue, and clarify meaning of variables in the shader (rB82049cbe7e).
  • Fix unreported: OpenGL: fixes related to GL_POINTS (rB2d71d13ea2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix sample mis-match w/ OpenGL full-sample render (rB7e60f61007).
  • Fix unreported: Fix armature relationship lines missing w/ hi-dpi (rB0eb54bd226).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for object align not using local view cursor (rBef7791ff20).


Text Editor

  • Fix T46293: Text Editor: Convert to spaces/to tabs was totally broken with non-ASCII strings (rBfc97204742).
  • Fix T46340: Auto scrolling in text editor with upward selection not work (rB066df84f73).
  • Fix unreported: Fix minor order of init error w/ text draw (rBe751ee5526).


  • Fix unreported: Fix issue w/ transform orientation & vert selection (rBb06f004d5b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix transform crash in rare cases (rBc2508b0aaf).

User Interface

  • Fix unreported: Fix report banner text width (rBe51272f663).
  • Fix unreported: Fix popup menu glitch, scrolling at high dpi (rB34e749beef).
  • Fix unreported: Fix error in bone UI (rB11c00caddc).
  • Fix unreported: Fix broken comment about our WM progress report for python (its not a progress bar at all) (rB3751eb18c3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Open tmp windows with size multiplied by virtual pixelsize (rB505a31bd22).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash changing screen + region overlap fade (rB2ced9326bb).
  • Fix unreported: Fix broken windows 'MessageBox' calls (UI messages) (rB0b422900c8).
  • Fix unreported: Fix FileBrowser 'context-editing' properties shortcuts not being displayed in tooltip (rB80fa528529).
  • Fix unreported: UI: fix minor glitch copying small float value (rB39d11352e0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix text wrapping off-by-one error w/ string width (rBd57847ca5b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix i18n-related points in T47265 - mostly, fix non-translated items in enum-search popup menu (rB75838de7c3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: OSX - Cmd + A doesn't work for Font objects editing (rBec9977855f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix items in mode pie changing position by supporting more than 8 items in operator-enum pies (rB21c88df7c7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix frame node text ignoring blank lines (rB2fbdf9adc7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong indentation of items in keymap editor (rB8d73805df0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unnecessary separators in image editor Image menu (rB1b9039752a).
  • [Release] Fix unreported: Fix/workaround T47685: Drag keymap slider fails (rBe511c7a34e).

Game Engine

  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix animations update when scene is suspended (rB75e4e4b67f).
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix physics meshes conversion with modifiers (rB729e9651ac).
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix issues with async libload (rB06d2ad0185).
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix SetMass function affecting own object gravity (rBd2af140151).
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix ray cast with unfound property (rBb3808a4e06).
  • Fix unreported: Fix a regression introduced by on video playing (rB34f51cd498).
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix unconverted character max jump value from old files (rBef49632b24).
  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix invalid operator< for microsoft compiler (rBf320724195).

System / Misc


  • Fix unreported: Fix leak creating 'empty' looptri bvh tree (rBe9b9b883fb).
  • Fix unreported: Audaspace: Sequencer sound bugfix and mono UI (rB85d6759636).


File I/O

  • Fix unreported: Fix for error reporting w/ a new-file (rB70f0499139).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash loading modifiers with missing IDs (rBfd2bdc07ca).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash pressing +/- in file-selector (rB2f0db80155).
  • Fix unreported: Fix ffmpeg saving long paths (rB050980e635).
  • Fix unreported: Fix ffmpeg memory leaks (rBe435593fc0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix 'change path' opening file browser with wrong filter for sound strips (rB7fa72b8970).
  • [Release] Fix unreported: Fix crash loading some library blend files (rB3d1f050608).


  • Fix unreported: Fix invalid exceptions w/ preview API (rB25c00ae460).
  • Fix unreported: PyAPI: Change ray_cast to fix & improve behavior (rB08fb55eea2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix split-py-edge assuming valid face indices (rB2180b38513).
  • Fix unreported: Fix os.path.is_subdir w/ trailing slash (rBaa523f8435).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash w/ scripts run from the command line that load files (rBf81bc88ac7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash running transform in background mode (rBa57d9f725f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash in bvhtree.FromPolygons (rB9c21015c26).
  • [Release] Fix unreported: Fix missing 'anim_data' in RNA API of Freestyle's linestyle (rB48ae702c3c).


  • Fix unreported: WM: Fix crash when a new window can't be created (rB8471362987).
  • Fix unreported: BLI_task: fix bad freeing of current task_thread in case POSIX thread creation fails (rBf56392f224).
  • Fix unreported: Fix OS X user preferences open crash when changing virtual pixel size (rB68f677e655).
  • Fix unreported: BLI_task: Fix/enhance logic of exiting worker threads (rB952afbf916).
  • Fix unreported: Filebrowser: fix preview handling to make correct use of task scheduler (rB15fb2bd477).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) broken background mode of Blender (due to OSD cleanup called also in background mode) (rB7bb16a5ccf).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) broken BLI_join_dirfile() in some cases on Windows (rBbab8deef17).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for heap-use-after-free happening in GHOST_EventManager (rB7ef10decdb).
  • Fix unreported: OpenGL: fix max texture anisotropy check (rB0df1bdc268).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) other joke in our localizing code - setting LIB_TAG_LOCAL tag! (rB8202c73ef4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix cmd+z for undo not working when editing text objects on OS X (rB701a4a4e09).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for Python executable not being found on Linux (rBaa8fc57f1e).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash drawing fonts at size 1 (rB60e53e0ce6).
  • [RC2] Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) crash when opening a file from splash screen when 'load UI' option is disabled (rB6a97b9c4a2).
  • [RC2] Fix unreported: Fix RNA property clamp assigning in Python (rBa78d679ddd).


  • Fix unreported: BLI_Buffer: fix BLI_buffer_resize w/ calloc flag (rB38f4aeb2d3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leaks in PlayAnim (rBa595cda2cd).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash w/ PlayAnim & long filenames (rBcebaedd709).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for missing id_lib_extern, assigning ID's (rB7dc80097a4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix curve mapping linear preset not setting handle type correctly (rB4f6b01ce1f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix broken groupobject usercount handling (rB18ecc8a78f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for factory settings loading without UI (rB2d96666a71).
  • Fix unreported: Fix assert navigating into dir w/ .blend suffix (rBe060c90ebc).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) libquery's IDLooper for constraints not handling correctly referenced ID pointers (rBb061b5ae7a).
  • Fix unreported: Libquery: fix double-handling of object pointer in scene's basact base (rBf798c791cd).
  • Fix unreported: Fix isect_point_tri_v3 w/ degenerate faces (rBa4e151704f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) bad LI_ID usercount when linking a new lib (rB24be453938).
  • Fix unreported: Fix RNA_enum_set_identifier(), needs a context to handle correctly dynamic enums (rB261ac69f57).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for tangent regression w/ looptri changes (rB7e9feac3e0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix various potential bugs from coverity reports (NULL dereference, negative number assigned to uint...) (rB60663c8ec4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix BLI_rename returned success w/ missing source path (rB622019a085).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Empty > Image not working in some hardwares (rB089d2a18d9).
  • Fix unreported: Fix screenshot adding image extension after .blend (rB184a2ee5a4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix button display clamping values (rBe4e21480d6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) crash when opening a file from splash screen when 'load UI' option is disabled (rB935e241fa6).
  • [RC2] Fix unreported: Fix uninitialized memory use lattice-boundbox (rB15ac4b4f9b).
  • [Release] Fix unreported: Fix bad UI range of convergence distance which was above the hard limit (rBab44c20409).


Blender 2.77a: Bug Fixes

For 2.77a many fixes for OpenGL display and simulation were made, as well as various fixes to rendering, sequencer and modeling. This bugfix release also solved some regressions in the particle system.