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Blender 2.77: Modeling


  • The decimate modifier is now symmetry-aware 22931f2


Boolean (Edit-Mode)

Detailed example.

While the modifier is useful for non-destructive edits, access to booleans as an edit-mode tool can be useful to quickly perform edits. rBd70e0b66.

The default behavior is to cut the selection into unselected geometry, other modes such as union and intersection can be selected too.

Access this tool from: Mesh -> Faces -> Intersect (Boolean)

Current limitations are:

  • Exactly overlapping faces cause errors.
  • Self-intersecting geometry on either side of the operation (which also intersects the other side) causes errors.
Simple example cutting meshes into an existing shape.
Cutting complex shapes into an n-gon is supported too.


  • Face Path Select: improve behavior with tri-fans d47fbec
  • Path Select: Face Stepping Option 0a11831
    • Supports diagonal paths for verts and faces
    • Selects edge-rings with edges
  • Path Select: Add checker-select options ec2ca11
  • Add select next/prev operator 5d118f6
  • Select mirror multiple axis support eed28a1


  • Triangulate & poke - multires data support 23344bc
  • Support for grid-fill non uniform grids d573bb4
  • Intersect Tool: hole support for (support cutting many outlines into a single face (creating edges between isolated regions). c593855
  • Improvements to split-by-edges tool
    • split-face by edges support isolated edges (Previously edges needed to be connected to the faces). a158a74
    • split-py-edge now splices verts into edges (Edge chains spanning faces or ending without a connecting edge are now supported by splicing verts into the face boundaries). 008c1db
    • Select all newly created edges & remove unneeded edges 4123b30

Default Primitives UVLayout

You can now, when adding most primitives (plane, cube, circle, uv/icosphere, tube and cone), also get a default UV-unwrapping of that new geometry. This will be defined in the first UVLayer (which will get added if needed).

That option is disabled by default, you have to enable it in the operator properties panel.

rB3c6709a63c26, see also D481 and T37879.