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-- Sumomofan - 21 mar 2007

-- Agoose77 - 03 nov 2011

Feature Requests

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the BIG bug in ZTransp when 2 objects with alpha lose the right "render sequence" depending on the angle of camera view...

Core improvements:

  • Add multi-core support for the whole GE - This would affect physics and realtime rendering. This would severely optimise the GE without any major rasterizer re-write. Currently the blender process bottlenecks on one core. Multiple cores are almost expected of computers.
  • FBO (frame buffer objects) - useful speed up for video texture, brdf rendering, 2d filters, and 3d glsl shader
  • Rasterizer speed
  • Nodal Logic

Python API

  • Improved access to mesh control of Vertices, Faces and Edges

Water effects:

2d filters:(most 2d filters done with glsl via python but need use glsl 2d filter without slow python, something like turn on/off button, on gui and use c++)

Shadows improvements:

Tools 1:

Tools 2:

  • Bitmap font creator build in
  • Possibility to use .ttf fonts (bitmap fonts does NOT have national characters such as ąęśćźżńþĸŧźżµΣσ, etc.) --request by Rave
  • Tangent normal-map baking with anti-aliasing (AA)
  • Create uv unwrap on all active or selected objects and show/editing in on time the uv editor
  • Baking light-map for instanced mesh (dupligroup or duplicated linked mesh)
  • Work tangent normal-map with mirrored uv (or with mirror modifier?)
  • Unique uv map for instanced object
  • Terminal feedback inside blender window
  • Bring back the red and green uv editor lines


  • Support compressed dds textures to save huge memory (uncopressed is works)
  • Glow glsl map
  • AMB (ambient) at Map To panel works with glsl
  • Refl (reflect) at Map To panel with Cube Env map

GLSL shaders without python and use material gui buttons and c++

New logic bricks:

  • Constrain to path support (actuator? or use the constraint)
  • Text object box multi line actuator? (left, center, right, align)
  • Timer sensor (like delay sensor): count back, reset, start, pause
  • Add an new choice to the Property Actuator for setting a property on object, not just receiving (copy)

New properties:

  • Add new property type - need List


  • GUI system
  • Particle system
  • Network system
  • AI system
  • Logarithmic Z-buffer
  • Extend and bugfix 3d stereo modes (pageflip, syncdouble, anaglyph etc)
  • BlenderPlayer web-plugin for all browsers (Burster plugin?)
  • Security/encoding system like PyCrypto


  • python access to collision points


  • Up down button for all visual logic brick blocks without need closing
  • Implement a global and per-object event queue where both python and (internal) c++ functions can be registered as event handlers (trough a callback mechanism) that way the engine will be more dynamic, and libraries created in python will have a lot more power and will be easier to translate to c++ f they prove to be useful and/or need more speed.
  • pyartoolkit plugin by Ashsid for all platforms-win-linux-mac

Users: Blendreq, Agoose77, iFlowProduction

Compressed sound files in realtime 3d and buffering

Hello! I want to make a feature request on the subject of 3d sound in game engine. It looks like currently the only file format that can be used as a 3d sound in BGE is wav... I think it would be very useful if blender could also use ogg, flac, and other compressed files, and them as music players do (not the entire file at once but buffer it by portions instead). This will allow inclusion of slightly longer sounds in BGE such as speech or music attached to 3d objects in the space. Hope i've posted in the right place... Thank You and have a nice day!

-- Yury - 08 Jun 2009


import the behavior into the blender GE : We can use a gather of logic brick as a specific behavior,then we can define the character easily,and we also can change the behavior by changing the logicbrick.

-- KeithGearty - 06 Sep 2005

A built-in Python function to reload textures during gameplay would be really useful. I'm developing a series of transition scripts that will allow all kinds of weird and wonderful transitions between the scenes of a game. These scripts will be VERY useful to a HUGE number of people using the game engine, but they will only work properly if textures can be reloaded during gameplay.

Cheers, Keith (aka gorgan_almi on Elysiun).

This has already been acheived, with the VideoTexture (bge.texture) and ImageFFMPEG

-- Blenderwiki.ysvry - 29 Jul 2005

I played nethack some years ago and gooled it to see if it was still developped , its an opensource rpg , it works with simple asci graphics but was still fun to play, i was wondering if some one could write a script that linked the game with the blender 3d real time engine that would make a great game. If you wanna try it here is the link :

-- EttiennePeters - 9 May 2005

Realtime Softbodies would be a great asset. Here is a more technical/mathematical explanation to how it can be done. ----> <----

This has already been achieved, since 2.58 -- NicolasPinault - 29 Apr 2005

Mapping video files onto faces would be very usefull for an application I am thinking about (not a game but a multimedia interractive application).

This has already been achieved, with the VideoTexture (bge.texture) and VideoMPEG -- AndreaCaiconti - 28 Mar 2005

  • RunTime*

I have one new feature for version 2.37. When the EXE is created, blender must automatically copy in the folder of the EXE file the DLLs, at the moment it forces us to copy them manually!

This has already been acheived, since 2.5X -- agoose77 - 10 May 2015

-- AndreaCaiconti - 18 Jan 2005

  • Copy Location* dosn't work in the game-engine, it would have to activate because i see in my game, sometime i can't use parent!!!

-- MalDuffin - 04 Dec 2004

With the new, excellent support for lit material faces in the Game Engine, this is a new issue that has just arisen. The solution will require changes in both the game engine, and in the interface.

Solution 2 also solves another issue that game object modellers will be requiring with the new GE.

1) when entering face mode on an object, and exiting face mode immediately, vertex colours are assigned to the object.

Eg add a box. Make the material of the box Red. Now press F for face mode, and press F again. Without having actually assigned a texture to the object, it still gets assigned all-white vertex colours. You can check this by pressing P to enter game mode. This can be removed by going into edit mode, and deleting the vertex colours from there, but it's too complicated a a solution for a new user / student.

Quick solution... 1) only assign vertex colours when an object has been assigned a texture.

PROBLEM WITH SOLUTION - This will assign vertex colours to the entire object, even though you might only want to texture one face

ISSUE - White vertex colours are used to ensure that the objects textured faces in the game engine are displayed full-bright. This was due to the fact that, in older versions of the game engine, only textured or vertex lit objects could be seen.

Better solution... 2) never assign vertex colours, unless the user actually wants to assign vertex colours manually.

PROBLEM WITH SOLUTION ( could be solved with a quick GE fix ) - The game engine would have to handle one additional case ( an object may have textured face with, and without vertex colours, as well as a non-textured material face, and a vertex-lit only face ).

ADVANTAGES - Objects could now have a mix of textures and the base, lit material colours. - When the texture is removed from a face, it would automatically be assigned the base lit material colour, rather than the current pink color. - As existing scenes will already have vertex colours assigned, they will work as normal.

Hope this makes sense, and that it makes it into 2.36! Mixing material + textured faces would be very cool!


-When using the game engine and using linear velocity, it is impossible to not bounce. The minor bouncing throws several things off. I was wondering if this could possibly be tweaked.