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add sound to mpeg file creation

cekuhnen - multichannel rendering (so that an external editor can tweak say the diffuse or specular layer seperately)

Frapl - ramp shader for alpha channel

puldanovak - select vertloop of a non-manifold mesh

tiemann - change cursor type for editmode

malefico - timecode/framenum stamp in renderer

malefico - unmovable UVs

malefico - object group appending?? When several objects are parented to an empty, it would rock if importing that empty would bring up everything parented to it too.

malefico - recalculate shading for all

dandeloreon1984 - viewport locking

chronoh - render border for yafray

chronoh - autorecalculate norms

chronoh - mesh color is same as object color

chronoh - UV select all pinned

philovivero - when adding vertices to a mesh the vertice should be placed so as to maintain the subdiv surface shape

philovivero - symmetric modeling <-- already there: mirror modifier

philovivero - automated welding of two meshes

philovivero - convert ALL tris to quads - forces added vertices if needed to convert a tri to a quad

bryantrueno - back face culling

konrad_ha - hidden line view and rendering

skymasterx - auto parenting of armature to bvh empties

shish - xml export in the menu export

TorQ - rotation limits on the copy rotation constraint

TorQ - use target bones local rotation for action constraint

zygom - uv texture visible in edit mode

fobsta - highlight uv's on the mesh

ElBarto -face select and edge select

ElBarto - bevel edges

JA-forreal - material setting for shadow and shadow softness (so objects with need of less detailed shadow can render faster)

stiv - Digital Elevation Model importer (format for USGS data)

poutsa - make mesh visible for an alpha transparent object (??)

poutsa - integrate python explode object effect into effects panel

ideasman - MultiTexturing/ Multiple UV coords

from maya - deform complex ipo curves with a simpler curve (possibly using a lattice object)

fls13 - poser import and export

madcello - apply autosmooth to mesh

solmax - preserve UV coordinates from a nurbs coversion to mesh

TorQ - draw vertice handles on optimized subsurf mesh - see demo video

ideasman - blender text editor functions

Blender text editor needs.

- Syntax hilighting (Toggle) (comming soon by antihc3(aka themyers)) - Bracket Matching ( patch in the tracker ) - Auto indent (patch has been made) (complete) - Double click selection with delimeters - Ctrl left, right backspace, delete to manage whole words.

crsrma - make clip end independent of grid spacing

alltaken - numeric input for edge creasing

alltaken - display crease percent near edge

poutsa - set default formats for render button

poutsa - a track bar for animation (pause, play ff, etc.)

JA-forreal - default path for projects

katharos - improved 3DS, DXF and OBJ import and export

katharos - more custom rendering fuctions (ie specifying anti-aliasing)

finty - parent material and per object child material for variation (ie for different trees)

lightning - apply to all (ie multi object select and then apply a material or other setting to all of them, etc.)

dmao - smoothing groups

z3r0_d - hard edges

ideasman - manual normal editing

joetainment - option to make turntable mode consistent with all other 3d apps (see this posting)

Aurrin - size in two directions at once

Aurrin - Restore Geometric Center

inz - hide vertices (make them unselectable) but not the mesh

thorwil - fan sliders

macouno - crease for subsurfed planes

KDR_11k - collapse face loop to edge loop

Roja - select entire bone shortcut

celeriac - import vector based textures

nuno - dwg or .sat importer (Cad formats)

malefico - hide bone by selecting and pressing H

apollux - add 'Make Buplis Real' to space bar menu

kane - retain the curve when it is converted

monkeyboi - select whether material appears in render, reflection, or both

monkeyboi - control 'ray mirror' with a texture - lamp editmode access to 'clipstart and clipend'

Monkeyboi - bundle NLA plugins with blender

Usagi - repeating blend texture (tiled?) as can be done with image textures.

kencanvey - rotate 'blend' textures

roja - render the wireframe on top of shading/texture

Yayap8 - realtime display of procedural textures (perhaps texture baking, and cache the rendering data, so that adjustments only recalculate updates?)

Merlot - dotXSI import and export

JA-forreal - 'xray vision' - have it so the mesh can be semitransparent allowing object below the edited to be seen.

Roja - show texture in edit mode

solecize - import of splines, curves, and vectors from other programs

KRUChy - popup window if export path is not set and an attempt to use Yafray is made.

solmax - conform lattice to bounding box

Tommy5 - ipo control over wave effect parameters

Tommy5 - ipo control over particles

Hwee - unlink data from sequencer

Dani - segments for colorbands (color is chosen on each side of a new slider as the gimp does - thus hard edges can be had if opposite sides of the segment are different colors).

doronko4 - lathed objects updated based on changes to original spline.

many - autoshutdown after render

roja - specify how many back up saves are done (ie a backup que, with the oldest written over each backup save)

roja - 'unweld' takes a single vertice and makes it two

ardamardar - jsr184 format

madcello - define the radius to be inscribed instead of circumscribed

mfoxdogg - use of formulas in special effects

gaiamuse - animation play stop etc interface

M@dcow - thicker slider handles

chimera - have oops objects change the buttons window to the appropriate type

hweihe - VRML2 import

ideasman - add vertex groups to the oops window

Mokeyboi - seperate face, edge and vertex modes

ideasman - collaborative rendering of blend files (perhaps similar to peer to peer?) (extension to the above by LetterRip - computers get 'credit' for rendering other peoples work, then they can 'purchase' rendering on other computers... seed group is 'trusted developers' then those who have purchased render time can use - option to have 'untrusted mode' where same piece is rendered on multiple people and then compared)

z3rO_d - 16 bit greyscale displacement maps

jorrit - relative path for linked .blend libraries

harkyman - default energy levels for lights should be similar

poutsa - customizable splash screen (remove hardcoding)

pa_furijaz - bicubic patch modelling

Roja - floating windows

-- TomMusgrove - 30 Aug 2004

Graphical remapping of hotkeys

There could maybe be a window that has a vertical list of all the possible functions/features that could be mapped. You click on a feature you want to map, and then in a section next to the function selector there is box that you can type a letter/number/mouse click into with three check marks for control, alt, and shift. These would be checked depending on exactly what keyboard-press sequence you want. There would also be a "set" button to make the hot key permanent and a "restore defaults" button.

So if I wanted "Control+Shift+A" to do something, I would click whatever function I wanted to map it for, type "a" into the little text box, check the check boxes for control and shift, and then click set. Voila. :) --Remi 17:11, 31 January 2008 (CET)