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This page gathers all current work on modifiers and the modifier stack in one place, so it is easy to see what's being worked on.

Modifiers in development

Please indicate who is actively developing any modifiers listed in here.

Proposed new modifiers

  • Lathe modifier. - Lathe modifier spins the mesh based on given center, given axis and given accuracy (amount of segments). Possible other attributes include "make faces between segments". Center can be defined to be object center or center of wanted object (empty for instance). Axis can be any standard axis or defined by axis of an object (empty works well yet again). Basically this modifier offers an interactive alternative for spin/spinDup tool. An implementation of this modifier.
  • Tweak modifier

Proposals/improvements for existing modifiers

  • LOD (Level of Detail) option to Decimate modifier. This modifier would allow the user to set the decimate modifier's strength based on distance to a given object. This can be useful in reducing amount of polys to be rendered. An implementation of this improvement.
  • Update to bevel modifier. The addition of a bevel resolution to enable rounded bevels.

Modifier API documentation

Modifier API improvements/proposals

  • Modifier API Refactor
  • Extension of modifier user interface metaphor to curves. Modifier system could be built for curves. This would make user interface more consistent. Features such as curve bevel and taper could be converted to modifiers.