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Sequencer Effects Reorganization

With the possible addition of several more built-in sequencer effects, it has been realized that the current menuing for the sequence editor is not designed for growth. There are many effects which could be built in for ease of access and expansion of the core toolset. The just need a logical home for placement.

We will discuss here 2 things:

  • Menu Organization
  • Core effects to add

Menu Organization

The menu for adding effects is currently the same for adding any type of sequence strip (i.e. a big dumping ground) So here is a begining to a better way to menu them. Please make your comments, this is just a starting point.

  • Content Strip
    • Scene
    • Images
    • Movie
    • Audio
  • Effect Strip
    • Cross
      • Cross
      • Gamma Cross
      • Wipe
    • Mixing
      • Add
      • Sub
      • Mul
    • Alpha
      • Alpha Over
      • Alpha Under
      • Alpha Over Drop
    • Image Effects
      • Artistic (Need a better name here)
        • Glow
        • Oilify (Patch Available) %N%
          • ZBlur %N%
      • Edge Effects
        • Edge Detection (Patch Available) %N%
        • Manipulation
        • Flip (Patch Available) %N%
        • Offset %N%
        • Rotation %N%
    • Plugin

Core effects to add

  • Oilify (Patch Available) %N%
Nathan's Patch
  • Edge Detection (Patch Available) %N%
Nathan's Patch comprises 6 different methods: Sobel, Prewitt, Gradient, Differential, Laplace and x
  • Flip (Patch Available) %N%
This is a simple effect that takes one strip and flips it on the X and/or Y axis
  • ZBlur %N%
  • Offset %N%
  • Rotation %N%

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