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The goal of stripping down libavicodec is to provide a light-weight baseline for audio and vidio compression/decompression that is available on all platforms.

  • Remove codecs that are license hindered from libavicodec
  • Remove stupid codecs from libavicodec-Quake 2 movie format is not really needed is it?
  • Verify cross-platform Compatability-I run linux and windows at home, I could use some SGI and Mac users to help compile and test


Current Status

Initial Build with no modification to the makefiles or source code.

  • libavcodec.so3.1 MB
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Current Build (20 FEB 05) with modified makefiles and source code (commenting out stuff that is not wanted). Very rough hack. I've found that I need to evaluate every codec to see what file contains the code to support it, I've found that files I think didn't need to be included do and ones that I'm sure were needed are not. More wading through code ahead.

  • libavcodec.so2.0 MB
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