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DVD Menus are simply screaming for Unicode characters.


The objective is to create unicode support for Font3D object and UI to support features around it.

Phase I:

  • Unicode character support for Font3D
  • UI to select characters from Unicode character list
  • UI to select Unicode table areas
  • Possibility to write Vertical and Horizontal text
  • Optimized character loading (Load only those characters which are used in font object)

Phase II:

  • Input method support for selected language

Current Status

The code is ported from tuhopuu3 to bf-blender cvs. Though since not sure how to use the patch tracker and if it is even possible to add totally new files with patch to patch tracker, I will put the patch here.

The patch need to be applied with "patch -p0 < Font3D_260805.diff"

Already done

  • Phase I: Almost all features should be implemented and working, though the vertical writing is lost in translation, in otherwords couldn't find the code, I shall look more harder.


  • Currently looking for problems :)


Quick Start

  • Start Blender
  • Create new Text Object
  • Select the Font
  • Press F9 key
  • Load New Font which has Unicode characters, e.g. the arial on below
  • Enter the Edit Mode
  • Select the Char tab
  • Use mouse wheel to scroll down the character matrix and press on any of the characters


Some example files how to use the Unicode Font3D object.

  • Basic Timer python script, which prints current timecode to the screen with Star Trek symbol every even frame. Timer.blend


-- Mikasaari - 23 Aug 2005