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Graph Editor - Editing

Tools and menus for the F-Curves in the Graph Editor.
By default, when new channels are added, the Graph Editor sets them to Edit Mode. Selected channels can be locked by pressing ⇆ Tab.

Basic Tools

These are some basic tools to modify the curves and keyframes.


Active Keyframe Panel.
Grab/Move selected keyframes G
Rotate selected keyframes R
Scale selected keyframes S
Additionally, for translation and scaling, you can lock the transformation along the X (time frame) or Y (value), as usual by pressing X or Y during transformation.
For precise control of the keyframe position and value, you can set values in the Active Keyframe of the Properties Region.


Select Keyframe RMB Template-RMB.png
Toggle Select multiple keyframes ⇧ ShiftRMB Template-RMB.png
Toggle Select All A
Select Linked L
Border Select B DragLMB Template-LMB.png
Border Deselect B ⇧ ShiftDragLMB Template-LMB.png


Duplicate selected keyframes ⇧ ShiftD
Add keyframe to active curve CtrlLMB Template-LMB.png
Insert keyframes to the Time Cursor I
Copy Keyframes CtrlC
Copy the selected keyframes to memory.
Paste Keyframes CtrlV
Paste keyframes from memory to the current frame for selected curves.

Curves and Keyframes

Set Keyframe Extrapolation ⇧ ShiftE
Constant Extrapolation
Linear Extrapolation
Make Cyclic (F-Modifier)
Clear Cyclic (F-Modifier)
Set Keyframe Interpolation T
Set Keyframe Handle Type V
Auto Clamped
See F-Curves for more info.

View Tools

View All ↖ Home
View Selected Numpad.
Set Preview Range CtrlP
Auto-Set Preview Range CtrlAltP
Clear Preview Range AltP
Toggle Show Handles CtrlH
Toggle Show Seconds CtrlT

More Tools

Some other tools used to modify the the curves and keyframes.

Transform Snapping

When transforming keyframes with G, R, S, the transformation can be snapped to increments.
Snap Transformation to 1.0 Ctrl
Divide Transformation by 10.0 ⇧ Shift
Keyframes can be snapped to different properties by using the Snap Keys tool.
Snap Keys ⇧ ShiftS
Current Frame
Snap the selected keyframes to the Time Cursor.
Cursor Value
Snap the selected keyframes to the Cursor.
Nearest Frame
Snap the selected keyframes to their nearest frame individually.
Nearest Second
Snap the selected keyframes to their nearest second individually, based on the FPS of the scene.
Nearest Marker
Snap the selected keyframes to their nearest marker individually.
Flatten Handles
Flatten the Bezier handles for the selected keyframes.
Flatten Handles snapping example.
Before Flatten Handles.
After Flatten Handles.


Selected keyframes can be mirrored over different properties using the the Mirror Keys tool.
Mirror Keys ⇧ ShiftM
By Times Over Current Frame
Mirror horizontally over the Time Cursor.
By Values over Cursor Value
Mirror vertically over the Cursor.
By Times over Time 0
Mirror horizontally over frame 0.
By Values over Value 0
Mirror vertically over value 0.
By Times over First Selected Marker
Mirror horizontally the over the first selected Marker.

Clean Keyframes

Clean Keyframes resets the keyframe tangents to their auto-clamped shape, if they have been modified.
Clean Keyframes O
Fcurve before cleaning
Fcurve after cleaning


(AltO or Key » Smooth Keys) There is also an option to smooth the selected curves , but beware: its algorithm seems to be to divide by two the distance between each keyframe and the average linear value of the curve, without any setting, which gives quite a strong smoothing! Note that the first and last keys seem to be never modified by this tool.

Fcurve before smoothing
Fcurve after smoothing

Sampling and Baking Keyframes

Sample Keyframes ⇧ ShiftO
Sampling a set a keyframes replaces interpolated values with a new keyframe for each frame.
Fcurve before sampling
Fcurve after sampling
Bake Curves AltC
Baking a curve replaces it with a set of sampled points, and removes the ability to edit the curve.

Header Menus

Graph Editor header menus.

View Menu

Apart from the standard options like zoom-in/out, maximize window, center view on cursor, etc., this menu gathers various other options.
Properties N
Opens the properties panel on the right side of the graph editor.
Realtime Updates
When transforming keyframes, changes to the animation data are flushed to other views.
Show Frame Number Indicator
Show frame number beside the current frame indicator line.
Show Cursor
Shows the 2d cursor.
Show Sliders
Show sliders beside F-Curve channels.
Show Group Colors
Draw groups and channels with colors matching their corresponding groups.
AutoMerge Keyframes
Automatically merge nearby keyframes.
Use High Quality Drawing
Draw F-Curves using Anti-Aliasing and other fancy effects (disable for better performance).
Show Handles
Show handles of Bezier control points.
Only Selected Curve Keyframes
Only keyframes of selected F-Curves are visible and editable.
Only Selected Keyframe handles
Only show and edit handles of selected keyframes.
Show Seconds
Show timing in seconds not frames.
Set Preview Range, Clear Preview Range (CtrlP, AltP)
These entries allow you to define/clear a temporary preview range to use for the AltA realtime playback (this is the same thing as the Pr option of the Timeline window header).
Auto-Set Preview Range CtrlAltP
Automatically set Preview Range based on range of keyframes.
View All ↖ Home
Reset viewable area to show full keyframe range.
View Selected Pad.
Reset viewable area to show selected keyframe range.

Select Menu

Select All A
In edit mode, select/deselect all keyframes.
In locked mode, select/deselect all visible channels.
Invert Selection CtrlI
Inverts selected keys.
Border Select B
Allows selection of keyframes within a region.
Border Axis Range AltB
Axis Range...
Border (include Handles CtrlB
Include Handles, handles tested individually against the selection criteria.
Columns on Selected Keys K
Select all keys on same frame as selected one(s).
Column on current Frame CtrlK
Select all keyframes on the current frame.
Columns on selected Markers ⇧ ShiftK
Select all keyframes on the frame of selected marker(s).
Between Selected Markers AltK
Select all keyframes between selected markers.
Before Current Frame [
Select all keys before the current frame.
After Current Frame ]
Select all keys after the current frame.
Select More Ctrl+ NumPad
Grow keyframe selection along Fcurve.
Select Less Ctrl- NumPad
Shrink keyframe selection along Fcurve.
Select Linked L
Selects all keyframes on Fcurve of selected keyframe.

Marker Menu

Add Marker M
Duplicate Marker ⇧ ShiftD
Duplicate Marker to Scene
Delete Marker X or Delete
Note, make sure no channels are selected.
Rename Marker CtrlM
Grab/Move Marker Tweak select
Jump to Next Marker
Jump to Previous Marker

Channel Menu

Delete Channels X or Delete
Group Channels CtrlG
Ungroup Channels AltG
Toggle Channel Settings ⇧ ShiftW
Enable Channel Settings ⇧ ShiftCtrlW
Disable Channel Settings AltW
Toggle Channel Editability ⇆ Tab
Set Visibilty V
Extrapolation Mode ⇧ ShiftE
Constant Extrapolation
Linear Extrapolation
Make Cyclic (F-Modifiers)
Clear Cyclic (F-Modifiers)
Expand Channels Numpad+
Collapse Channels Numpad-
To Top ⇧ ShiftPageup
Up Pageup
Down Pagedown
To Bottom ⇧ ShiftPagedown
Revive Disabled F-Curves

Key Menu

Grab/Move G
Extend E
Rotate R
Scale S
Snap ⇧ ShiftS
Current Frame
Cursor Value
Nearest Frame
Nearest Second
Nearest Marker
Flatten Handles
Mirror ⇧ ShiftM
By Times over Current Frame
By Values over Current Value
By Times over Time=0
By Values over Value=0
By Times over First Selected Marker
Insert Keyframes I
Add F-Curve Modifier
Bake Sound to F-Curves
Jump to Keyframes CtrlG
Duplicate ⇧ ShiftD
Delete Keyframes X or Delete
Handle Type V
Auto Clamped
Interpolation Mode T
Clean Keyframes O
Smooth Keyframes AltO
Sample Keyframes ⇧ ShiftO
Bake Curve AltC
Copy Keyframes CtrlC
Paste Keyframes CtrlV
Discontinuity (Euler) Filter