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Buttons for work with Compositing nodes

Buttons for work with Compositing nodes

Free Unused Button

This button frees up memory space when you have a very complex node map. Recommended.


Use the active viewer node output as a backdrop. When enabled, additional settings appear in the Header and the Properties Panel:

Backdrop Channels.
Backdrop Channels
Set the image to be displayed with Color, Color and Alpha, or just Alpha.

Options of Zoom and Offset of Backdrop.
Sets how big the backdrop image is.
Change the screen space position of the backdrop, or click the Move button, or shortcut AltMMB Template-MMB.png to manually move it.

Auto Render

Re-render and composite changed layer when edits to the 3d scene are made.

Perfomance for Compositing Nodes in Node Editor

Perfomance for Compositing Nodes in Node Editor
Set quality when rendering in Node Editor.
Set quality when editing in Node Editor
Max size of a title (smaller values give better distribution of multiple threads, but more overhead).
Enable GPU calculations when working in Node Editor.
Buffer Groups
Enable buffering of group nodes.
Two Pass
Use two pass execution during editing: first calculate fast nodes, second pass calculate all nodes.
Viewer Border
Use boundaries for viewer nodes and composite backdrop.
Highlight nodes that are being calculated.