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Here some advice on porting games to Android

  • Switch graphic GLSL
    • We only support GLSL for now.
  • Android uses VBO, independent of preferences
    • But you should choose VBO for future
  • In shading disable most GLSL shaders except Light and Shaders (or some other)
    • Most of them is overkill for mobile graphics
    • Decreasing complexity of shaders on large screen resolution significantly improves FPS
  • Do not use modifiers except for armature
    • They won't rendered on Android because it relays on other drawing method which will be implemented in the future with Blender port
    • They cannot be cached in VBO
  • Simplify micro geometry
    • Use textures instead
  • Chop down one big object which cannot be viewed fully (like background/ground)
    • in few smaller
    • This will allow for geometry culling and will improve performance