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Edit Object Actuator

The Edit Object actuator allows the user to edit settings of objects in game

See Actuator Common Options for common options.

Special Options:

Edit Object actuator
Edit Object
Menu of options for Edit Object actuator
Track To
Replace Mesh
End Object
Add Object
Edit Object actuator - Dynamics
Provides a menu of Dynamic Operations to set up dynamics options for object.
Set Mass
Enables the user to set the mass of the current object for Physics (Range 0 - 10,000).
Disable Rigid Body
Disables the Rigid Body state of the object - disables collision.
Enable Rigid Body
Enables the Rigid Body state of the object - enables collision.
Suspend Dynamics
Suspends the object dynamics (object velocity).
Restore Dynamics
Resumes the object dynamics (object velocity).

Edit Object actuator - Track to
Track to
Makes the object “look at” another object, in 2D or 3D.
Object to follow.
No. of frames it will take to turn towards the target object (Range 0-2000).
3D Button (toggle)
Enable 2D (X,Y) or 3D (X,Y,Z) tracking.
Up Axis menu
The axis (X,Y,Z) that points upward (Z by default).
Track Axis menu
The axis (X,Y,Z,-X,-Y,-Z) that points to the target object (Y by default).
Exclamation mark.png

If you choose the same axis for Up Axis and Track Axis menus, the track to actuator will not be functional anymore.

Edit Object actuator - Replace Mesh
Replace Mesh
Replace mesh with another. Both the mesh and/or its physics can be replaced, together or independently.
name of mesh to replace the current mesh.
Gfx Button
replace visible mesh.
Phys Button
replace physics mesh (not compound shapes)

Edit Object actuator - End Object
End Object
Destroy the current object.

Edit Object actuator - Add Object
Add Object

Adds an object at the centre of the current object. The object that is added needs to be on another, hidden, layer.

The name of the object that is going to be added.
the time (in frames) the object stays alive before it disappears. Zero makes it stay forever.
Linear Velocity
Linear Velocity, works like in the motion actuator but on the created object instead of the object itself. Useful for shooting objects, create them with an initial speed.
Angular Velocity
Angular velocity, works like in the motion actuator but on the created object instead of the object itself.