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Point Lamp

Point lamp

The Point lamp is an omni-directional point of light, that is, a point radiating the same amount of light in all directions. It’s visualized by a plain, circled dot. Being a point light source, the direction of the light hitting an object’s surface is determined by the line joining the lamp and the point on the surface of the object itself.

Light intensity/energy decays based on (among other variables) distance from the Point lamp to the object. In other words, surfaces that are further away are rendered darker.

Lamp Options

Distance, Energy and Color
These settings are common to most types of lamps, and are described in Light Properties.
Negative, This Layer Only, Specular, and Diffuse
These settings control what the lamp affects, as described in What Light Affects.
Falloff and Sphere
These settings control how the light of the Lamp decays with distance. See Light Attenuation for details.


Without ray shadows
Point lamp with ray shadows and Adaptive QMC sample generator enabled

The Point light source can only cast ray-traced shadows. It shares with other lamp types the common shadow options described in Shadow Properties.

The ray-traced shadows settings of this lamp are shared with other lamps, and are described Raytraced Properties.