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Mode: Edit mode

Hotkey: I

Menu: Mesh » Faces » Inset or CtrlF » Inset

This tool takes the currently selected faces and creates an inset of them, with adjustable thickness and depth. The tool is modal, such that when you activate it, you may adjust the thickness with your mouse position. You may also adjust the depth of the inset during the modal operation by holding Ctrl.

Selection to inset
Selection with inset


Inset Operator Settings
Determines whether open edges will be inset or not.
Offset Even
Scale the offset to give more even thickness.
Offset Relative
Scale the offset by surrounding geometry.
Set the size of the inset.
Raise or lower the newly inset faces to add depth.
Create an outset rather than an inset.
Select Outer
Toggle which side of the inset is selected after operation.