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Pose Library


The Pose Library panel is used to save, apply, and manage different armature poses.
Pose Libraries are saved to Actions. They are not generally used as actions, but can be converted to and from.

Pose Library Panel

Properties > Armature > Pose Library.
1. Browse Action / Pose Library to be linked.
2. Name of the Pose Library.
3. Set Fake User.
This will make blender save the Pose Library for if it has no users.
4. Add new Pose Library to the active object.
5. Remove the Pose Library from the active object.
6. A list of Poses for the active Pose Library.
7. Add Pose.
Add New.
Add a new Pose to the active Pose Library with the currect pose of the armature.
Add New (Current Frame).
Add New and Replace Existing automatically allocate a Pose to an Action frame.
Add New (Currect Frame) will add a Pose to the Pose Library based on the currect frame of the Time Cursor.
Its not a well supported feature.
Replace Existing.
Replace an existing Pose in the active Pose Library with the currect pose of the armature.
8. Remove the active Pose from the Pose Library.
9. Apply the active Pose to the selected Pose Bones.
10. Sanitize Action. Make Action suitable for use as a Pose Library.
This is used to convert an Action to a Pose Library.
A Pose is added to the Pose Library for each frame with keyframes.


3D View, Pose Mode.
Browse Poses. CtrlL.
Add Pose. ⇧ ShiftL.
Rename Pose. ⇧ ShiftCtrlL.
Remove Pose. AltL.