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Retargeting Motion-capture Data to Skinned Rig

Retargeting — is a way to apply motion-capture data (acquired from real world) to a rig, so that it mimics the original movements realistically. This method also avoids laborious programming of each movement.

See more details here and here.

Blender also oneself supports importing mocap data in the BVH format. Importing is accomplished through a script: File > Import > Motion Capture (.bvh). When you select a BVH file, the script automatically generates an Armature object (bone rig) with the bone names and hierarchical relationships in the BVH file. The animation is stored independently as an Action (block of animation keyframe data) that is automatically assigned to the rig. In order for retargeting to work well, the new target rig should have the same relationships as in the BVH rig.