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Input Nodes

Input nodes provide input data for other nodes.


Time node

The time node uses a frame range to output a value between 0 and 1. By default the node output a linear transition from 0 to 1 from frame 1 to 250. The shape of the curve can be manipulated to vary the output over time in different ways.

Zoom in.
Zoom out
Reset View
Resets curve view
Vector Handle
Breaks tangent at curve handle, making a angle.
Auto Handle
Default smooth interpolation of curve segments
Extend Horizontal
Causes the curve to stay horizontal before the first point and after the last point.
Extend Horizontal

Extend Extrapolated
Causes the curve to extrapolate before the first point and after the last point, based on the shape of the curve.
Extend Extrapolate

Reset Curve
Resets shape of curve to original linear shape.
Clipping Options
Use Clipping
Forces curve points to stay between specified values.
Min X/Y and Max X/Y
Set the minimum and maximum bounds of the curve points.
Delete curve points. The first and last points cannot be deleted.
X and Y
The coordinates of the selected edit point.
Specify the start frame to use.
Specify the end frame to use.


Coordinates node

The Coordinates node outputs the geometry local coordinates, relative to its bounding box as RGB colors:

  • Red channel corresponds to X value.
  • Green channel corresponds to Y value.
  • Green channel corresponds to Z value.

Texture Node

Texture node

The texture node can be used to load a another node based or non-node based texture.

Color 1 and Color 2
These can be used to remap a greyscale texture using two colors.

Image Node

Image node

The image node can be used to load an external image.

Browse for image
Select an image that already exists in the scene.
Datablock name
Set the name of the image datablock.
Save this image datablock, even if it has no users.
Open image
Select image to use from file browser.
Unlink datablock
Remove the image datablock from the node.