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If you don't know how to use PyNodes yet but want to try out the recipes, please see the manual entry to get started.

Some of the nodes take Vector as input. Try feeding a vector from Geometry input node for interesting results. Another interesting input node to try is Camera Data as you can get view vector out of it.

Each category contains a section for ideas. If you add an idea to a page, be sure to provide some sort of description of the node as well as links to references if possible.

How to add a script to the cookbook?

First if all you need to get wiki editing rights. Please see this page to get those.

After you have gotten those it is recommended that you put the script into .blend provided here, create an example setup of how to use it and render an image to show what the image looks like. Note that this step is not necessary for the most trivial of nodes.

Next you need to figure out in which category your script belongs to. If there is no suitable yet, please create one. Edit the category page and add your script there. Provide a brief explanation of what the script does and remember to add the script itself too. Put the script inside pre tags.

If you created a .blend and rendered an image of example output, add

[[Image:Pynode-mynode.png|right|thumb|Example output of mynode node.[[http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/7/7a/Pynode-mynode.blend .blend]]]]

just before the description. Replace mynode with the name of your node.

To make the image show up and the .blend to work you need to upload those. This can be done by using the upload page. The image will show up just fine if you remembered to name it so that it matches the wiki page.

.blend is a bit trickier case. Upload it as you did in the case of image. It might give a warning about its size but feel free to skip the warning. After it has uploaded, you can find a link leading directly to it. Copy it and put it as link to the .blend. Now it should work.

Licensing and attribution

Note that the scripts available at the wiki are considered public domain unless stated otherwise. This means you can use those snippets as part of your scripts freely without any restrictions.

If you want, it is possible to provide an attribution in a script entry. Just add that to the script entry or the script itself.

If you do not wish to put your script into public domain, you can use any of the GNU or Creative Commons licenses. Please state this at the beginning of the script and provide a link to the license. Note that using your own custom licenses is not recommended and should not be done in this cookbook.


  • Templates - You can find templates to use as the base for your script here.
  • Color operations - You can find recipes dealing with colors here.
  • Input - You can find recipes describing input nodes here.
  • Textures - You can find texture recipes here.
  • Toon shaders - You can find toon shaders on this page.
  • Vector operations - You can find recipes dealing with vectors here.
  • Value operations - Vou can find recipes dealing with values here.

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