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Domical Vault 0.0.7
Create a domical vault.
UI location Group: Add ( see note )
Version 0.0.7 Author(s) Neil McAllister, Bartius Crouch
Blender 2.48 License N/A
Note(s) Also in Add Menu Toolkit

Executable information
File name vault-0.0.6.py
Current version download updated version in rar-archive on blenderWiki -

Docimal_Vault-0.0.7_2.48.rar (2008.12.30) - Script update for Blender 2.48a

Links http://bartius.crouch.googlepages.com/vault



Docimal vaults 1.jpg

Create Docimal Vaults

  • This Script Creates Docimal Vaults.
  • A Vault is an architectural term for an arced form.
  • Often used to provide a space with a ceiling or roof.
  • Also resembling tents
  • Individual sections could be described as sails.
  • Many Styles of Vault can be created.
  • Make Vaults made of Triangles or Quads.
  • Real time Updates.
  • and more.
  • Let's have a look at the Interface.


Docimal vaults Interface.jpg

Interface/Menu Overview

  • Features: Sliders, Numeric Input, Buttons,
  • Length Scale on the Y axis.
  • Width Scale on the X axis.
  • Square Press for Uniform locked X + Y axis.
  • Pointiness Scale on the Z axis.
  • Resoloution Auto Subdivide.
  • Full dome Press for Full Vault, Depress for Sail.
  • Triangles Press for Triangle Mesh, Depress for Quad Mesh.
  • Name Enter the name of your vaults.
  • Number of vertices Show/Change current vertice count.
  • Update Press to update the mesh.
  • Real-time Press to see changes applied as you make them.
  • Reset Reset to Defaults.
  • Exit End Script.

Docimal vaults final.jpg

Using Docimal Vaults 0.0.6

  • Download the script & place it in Blender's default script folder.
  • Open the Script from the Scripts/Add Menu.
  • There will be a Vault created & the Menu will appear.
  • You can press S in Blender to scale the mesh now if you need.
  • Press the Real-time button
  • Change the resolution & press Set smooth in Blender F9
  • Experiment with the different settings in the Script Menu.
  • To add multiple Docimal vaults to the same scene.
  • You can Shift/d Duplicate in Blender.
  • To edit the duplicate mesh with the Script.
  • Select the Vault to edit, Press Select in the script.
  • Note apply all textures After editing mesh.

External Documentation

Additional Information

  • In the Wiki writer's opinion always have Python Installed on your computer when using scripts. http://www.python.org/

Known Issues

  • If you apply a Material, then edit the mesh.
  • You must re-apply the Material after editing.
  • Always save your work before using scripts.


Version           Author                        Modifications
  • 0.0.6___________Bartius Crouch______Automatic vertex prediction, new method for multiple vaults
  • 0.0.5___________Sylvain Gailloud_____Fixed to work with Blender 2.44
  • 0.0.4___________Neil McAllister______Vertex prediction, full vault creates 1 mesh instead of 4
  • 0.0.3___________Bartius Crouch______New GUI, presets, fulldome, triangles
  • 0.0.2___________Bartius Crouch______Prevented over-write on re-opening by adding new vault
  • 0.0.1-BC________Bartius Crouch______Added real-time, reset, resolution, and square
  • 0.0.1-RH________Reed Hedges_______Mesh isn't constantly being updated
  • 0.0.1___________Neil McAllister______First working version



Thanks go to:

  • Neil McAllister, Bartius Crouch for The Script.

Permissions, (Bartius).