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Head Creator
Create head mesh model
UI location Group: Add ( see note )
Usage Open in text editor or run from hcvo3en.blend.
Version 0.3b - 2009.01.05 Author(s) Sam B
Blender 1.8, 2.37a - 2.48 License N/A
Note(s) Version 0.3 returns several errors in 2.46 but retains basic function, best used in 2.37a-2.42a.

Modified 0.3b version works well in 2.48

Executable information
File name hcv03b.py
Current version download head_creator_archive.zip (2009.01.05) - Script update for Blender 2.48, incl. older script versions


Scripts manual add head creator.png

Head Creator

  • This Script Makes a Low Poly Half Head.
  • Their are many settings in the menus.
  • The script is quite old.
  • Recently modified: version 0.3b for 2.48.
  • There is a need to repair this script.
  • If you can get it to work fully in Blender 2.45 or higher.
  • see also Make-Human script, a more advanced human model generator.


To-Do list

  • automatic generator routine for randomized heads
  • tooltips for all sliders


v0.3b - 2009.01.05 by migius
- modif for Blender 2.48
v0.3 - 2000.11.25 by Sam B
- original version