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Extrudes horn from selected faces.
UI location Opens with Text Editor
Version 0.5 - 2004 Author(s) Emilio Aguirre
Blender 2.42a License GPL

Executable information
File name gui_horn.py
External Python Modules or dependencies horn.py

Links http://www3.sympatico.ca/emilio.aguirre/hornextrude.html


Scripts manual add horn extrude.JPG

Create Horn Extrude

  • This Script Extrudes horns from a mesh.
  • The Horns use a spiral algorithm.
  • The script is Quite old.
  • There is a need to repair this script.
  • If you can get it to work in Blender 2.45 or higher.
  • Please PM meta-androcto or migius.
  • At Blender Artists Forums.
  • Or Post your results in the BA Python Forum.

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