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This script imports models from one scene to another.
UI location Opens with Text Editor
Usage Best to run in junkster.blend
Version N/A Author(s) From Elephants Dream
Blender 2.42a - 2.47 License Creative Commons

Executable information
File name CreateTest.py
External Python Modules or dependencies Many in junkster.blend

Links Wiki Mirror Junkster.rar‎



Create Junkster Models

  • The Script covers the surface of a mesh. (sort of)
  • With pre defined objects.
  • There are many objects to use in Scene1

Using Junkster

  • Download the script & open junkster.blend
  • There is no Interface for this script.
  • In the Text editor bottom left large window. (CreateTest.py)
  • Press Alt/p to run the script.
  • You have made the default Junk.
  • To change the Junk Objects.
  • Close junkster.blend & start again.
  • Create a low poly mesh.
  • In the Sce: Scene window, choose scene1.
  • You can now see the available objects.
  • Experimentation is the key here.
  • Note: this script is not fully documented.
  • The wiki author has not yet defined all the functions.

Additional Information

  • In the Wiki writer's opinion always have Python Installed on your computer when using scripts. http://www.python.org/



Thanks go to:

  • the team from Elephants Dream.