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3d navigation
Navigate the Camera & 3d Views
UI location Toolshelf > Display Tab
Usage ToolShelf Panel for fast navigation of the 3d View
Version 1,2,2 Author(s) Demohero, uriel, jbelcik, meta-androcto
Blender 2.78 License GPL

Executable information
File name space_view3d_3d_navigation.py


  • This addon is bundled with Blender 2.78
  • Open Blender and go to the Addons tab in User Preferences.
  • Click 3D View then 3D Navigation to Enable the script.


Addons 3dnav.jpg

Interface/Menu Overview

This custom menu is a virtual numpad emulator.

It appears in the Tool Shelf presenting a simple clear layout.

A handy feature of the script is when working with LapTops or keyboards without numpads. Aligning & changing views is made easy.

Additional Information

Camera settings:
  • View from active camera
  • Switch Global/Local view
  • Switch Orthographic/Perspective view mode
3D view settings:
  • Align view to Front/Back
  • Align view to Left/Right
  • Align view to Top/Bottom
Object settings:
  • Select an object to align view, from the list
  • Align view on selected object
Cursor settings:
  • Snap cursor to center (scene 0,0,0)
  • Align view to center (scene 0,0,0)
  • Snap cursor to object center (selected)
Pan Orbit Zoom Roll Panel:
  • Screen View Perspective Navigate
  • Up = Move towards the Top of your screen
  • Down = Move towards the Bottom of your screen
  • Left = Move to the users left or left of screen as you view it
  • Right = Move to the users right or right of screen as you view it


  • [1] at Blender Artists.