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Cut/Copy/Paste objects and elements
Cut/Copy/Paste objects, geometry elements and bones
UI location View3D -> Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Shift+Delete, Ctrl+Insert, Shift+Insert; Copy/Paste panel in Tool Shelf
Version 0.6.6 Author(s) dairin0d
Blender 2.7.0+ License GPL 3+
Category 3D View Distribution External

Executable information
File name space_view3d_cut_copy_paste.zip
Current version download https://bintray.com/dairin0d/blender-cut-copy-paste/download_file?file_path=space_view3d_cut_copy_paste.zip

Links https://github.com/dairin0d/cut-copy-paste/blob/master/README.md


This addon makes it possible to cut/copy/paste objects (curves/surfaces, metaelements and bones are not implemented yet) across different layers, scenes and Blender files. When enabled, it would add a Copy/Paste panel to the Tool Shelf, and register Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Shift+Delete, Ctrl+Insert, Shift+Insert shortcuts for 3D view.


  • External: if enabled, Copy in Object mode would save current .blend file (so that it can be accessed from other instances of Blender).
  • Append: if enabled, pasted objects would be appended (fully copied); otherwise, they would be linked (similarly to "Link from Library" and "Duplicate Linked").
  • Link ghost objects: if enabled, all group objects that aren't linked to any scene will be link to current scene on pasting.
  • Paste at Cursor: if enabled, pasted selection's pivot would be aligned with the 3D Cursor; otherwise, the selection would be pasted in the same coordinates as the original data.
  • Move to mouse: if enabled, pasted selection's pivot would be aligned to match mouse screen position.
  • Align to view: if enabled, the pasted selection would be rotated to match the original orientation relative to the view.
  • Coordinate System: depending on this setting, geometry/bones would be pasted either in the absolute coordinates, or relative to the active object/bone.


Should feel similar to the regular Cut/Copy/Paste in other applications.

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