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Oscurart Tools
Adds modelling, rendering & rigging capabitlities..
UI location Tools > Oscurart Tools
Version 3.1 Author(s) Oscurart
Blender 2.67 License GPL

Executable information
File name
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/oscurart_tools/

Links [1] at My Blog.


  • You must download the entire folder, and put in bin/2.6x/scripts/addons_contrib/

If addons_contrib folder not exist add it!

Instructions (video outdated)

Objects: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRb8YRyL4Xs

   - Distribute objects in the space.
   - Search and select objects by your initials.
   - Rename objects.
   - Duplicate objects simmetrically.
   - Remove all modifiers in the selected Objects.
   - Apply all modifiers in the selected Objects.
   - Relink Objects Between Scenes.
   - Copy Groups And Layers.
   - Copy Actual Layers to Other Scenes.

Meshes: http://youtu.be/iP1y6HQq2wQ

   - Object to Mesh, is a deep freeze mesh.
   - Select the vertices minor to zero in x.
   - Push all normals outside in selected objects. Good for quality checklist!.
   - Resym save XML map, for use Resym Mesh and Vertex Weights
   - Resym Mesh and Resym Vertex Weights.
   - Reconst, Recover the simmetry of the object and create two uvs.
   - Recover the simmetry in the uvs.
   - Export & Import vertex groups. Good for save armature settings.
   - Overlap Uvs is a simple reSymmetry tool for uvs.

Shapes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqhkFZjwZG0

   - Create one object per each shape. Good for export to other platform.
   - Create 2 vertex groups for mix shapes.
   - Connect all shapes with the "L R" groups! Good for facial rigs.
   - Create a 2D panel for mix this shapes. 

Files: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWEgjP_9v1w

   - Make an increment of scene version. Example: _v01 _v02
   - Reload all images in the .blend.
   - Search and Replace filepaths in the .blend.

Render & Overrides: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rDBWFm0E3c

   - Make a .bat (windows) or .sh (Linux) for render by command line!.
   - Make Python Batch make a batch for a single Machine. If the render fail, python erase the broken files and run the render again!.
   - Render all scenes in the .blend.
   - Render Active scene in the .blend.
   - Render the scenes in the list. Now you have a gui! 
   - You can specify if you need render only the current frame in all cases.
   - Overrides on/off let you see the overrides with F12 (render preview).
   - Check list let you know if the overrides are working correctly.
   - Create Override List, use only if the list does not exists.
   - You can override materials on LINKED OBJECTS!! Like in Softimage 
   - Apply and Restore is a danger option, for test the overrides in the scene you can apply the materials to the groups and restore.


   Overrides List:
    - In the box you can specify the overrides, e.g.:
      * You want override a group called "CUBE" with material "BI_WOOD": "CUBE","BI_WOOD"
      * You want override two groups, "CUBE" and "MONKEY" with material "BI_WOOD": [["CUBE","BI_WOOD"],["MONKEY","BI_WOOD"]]
      In the array the 1st element is the Group, and the 2nd is the Material.
    - When you have the override use Check List overrides and see de console!.
   Danger Zone:
       - Apply overrides: Apply the overrides to objects.
       - Restore overrides: Restore original materials.


  • Panel:
Oscurart Tools Panel.jpg
  • All Panels expanded:
OT Desplegado.jpg

Demo Videos


  • Overrides on Vimeo:

Duration: 1 hour. Author: Nahuel Belich.