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3d navigation
Navigate the Camera & 3d Views
UI location Group: 3D View
Usage Use Blender Keybinds to call various Pies
Version 1,0 Author(s) Sean Olson, Patrick Moore, Dan Eicher
Blender 2.67 r57782 License GPL

Executable information
File name ?
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/piemenus/


  • Download the script then copy it into your \\.blender\scripts\addons folder.
  • Or build the latest blender revision with Contrib Addons.
  • Open Blender and go to the addons tab in User Preferences.
  • Enable the Testing Tab and Search for "Pie".
  • Put a checkmark next to the PieMenus" addon to enable

Instructions & Usage

Interface/Menu Overview

This addon enables Piemenus (radial menus) for Blender. It allows a single hotkey to quickly call numerous commands instead of just one at a time.

Beginner Usage

Tap a hotkey from the list below and the left click the selection you want to select. To Cancel the menu, you can A) Click the center widget, B) Rightclick or C) Press ESC. Be careful with escape as it can cancel any running render!

Advanced Usage[No-Click Usage]

This addon features something called "No-click" selection. All menus that have menu items surrounding the mouse cursor can be selected by "swiping" a direction with your mouse. To do this, Press and Hold a hotkey, move your mouse in the direction of the option, and then let the hotkey up. Options outside of the main radial menu must be directly moused over.

Options & Settings

There are numerous options and settings to customize the piemenus to your liking.

These options can be found on the Properties Panel (default "N" key)

Turning On/Off various Pies" You can turn on/off any particular pie to reset that keybind to the blender default.

Changing Keybinds There is a button that allows quick access to the piemenus keybinds within the Blender Keybind editor.

These options can be found in the addons preferences panel below the addon enable checkbox.

Clock Turning on/off the "clock" widget in the center of the piemenu.

Pie Outer Radius Radius outside of the buttons before the pie disables.

Pie Inner Radius "Deadspace" in the center of the pie menu

Double Size Make your pies huge! Option added for Retina Displays.

Border Delay When the pie is called on a border, the mouse movement is mapped to direction based on mouse position instead of the center of the pie. This allows for the pie to stay on screen and for "No-click" selection to still work. The Delay is the amount of time before the addon defaults to a direct click location instead of a directional swipe.

Pie Squish Squishes Pies on the X axis (Only works on non-absolute defined menus)

Pie Diamond Pulls the Diagonal Sections of pie into a straight line (Only works on non-absolute defined menus)

Pie Thea Shift Pulls the Diagonal Sections of pie outward towards corners of screen (Only works on non-absolute defined menus)

Known Issues

  • Current version will not work with versions of Blender before 2.67.
  • Users with non-standard keybinding setups might not be able to enable the addon. A workaround is to set your keybindings to default, load the addon, then reload your keybindings.

Additional Information


3D View

TAB - Mode Menu
Includes all of the modes. Object, Edit, Sculpt, Weight Paint, Texture Paint, Vertex Paint, Particle, Pose.

Q - View Menu
Includes orthogonal views, toggles for ortho/perspective and local view, camera view, and selected object.

Z - Shade Menu
Includes all the shading view types as well as options to shade smooth/flat

. (The period key) - Pivot menu
Includes all pivot options

Ctrl+Space - Manipulator Menu
Includes all manipulator widget options

O - Proportional Menu
Includes all the proportional editing tools

Edit Mode

Ctrl+TAB - Selection Menu
Includes Vertex, Edge, and Face selection modes and all combinations of them.

Particle Mode

1 - Particle Menu
Includes all the various particle tools


  • [1] at Blender Artists.