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Texture Paint Layer Manager
Adds a layer manager for image based texture slots in paint and quick add layer tools
UI location Group: Paint
Usage Texture Paint > Properties > Texture Paint Layers Panels
Version 1.0 Author(s) michaelw
Blender 2.62 License GPL

Executable information
File name texture_paint_layer_manager.py


  • This script is in Blender Release.


Interface/Menu Overview

Scripts 3D texture paint layer manager.jpg

This Script provides a quick simple way to switch textures to paint in texture paint mode...

Without this addon there are many many steps involving the uv editor...

Looking at the panels:

Scripts 3D texture paint layer manager-panel.jpg

"Texture Paint Layers" allows you to browse the materials on the paintobject and shows any image based texture slots in a "stack".

the "brush" icon makes that texture slot "active" (and also sets the appropriate texturefaces of the object to that image) This is good because to do this manually you have to enter edit mode in the uv editor and perform many steps

the eye icon just toggles the texture slot from enabled to not enabled.. (works for glsl and for rendering) the sliders show what properties the active slot influences (sort of like layer opacity in photoshop) If the texture is mapped to multiple properties each gets its own slider.

the "Add Paint Layers" panel adds a new image, puts it in a texture slot on the active material, sets appropriate flags and influences and just allows you to get on and paint... At the moment it just adds a 1024 square but it'd be easy to add a size function...

Finally the current "save dirty" operator will not save "generated" images so the very top panel will save all generated layers to a "textures" folder relative to the current blend. I'm toying with adding a "save dirty" call at teh end to make it a genuine "save ALL images function.

Scripts 3D loadbrushes.jpg

finally in the "tools" is the "load Brush Images panel. These provide fast access to loading an image or a directory of images as brush textures for painting.

Known Issues

  • Will not work with Alpha 2 or before versions.

color layers are added with full alpha (to closely mimic 2d editors like photoshop or gimp.

These render with fringing unless the "pre-multiply" option is used in the texture stack.  This option is only available when the image textures have been saved.

It may be an Idea to automatically enable this flag when using "save all generated" or to automatically save images to disk when using the "quick add" options and set the flag there... I await feedback!

Additional Information

  • to Do

More paint layer types!