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ANT Landscape
Add Landscape Objects
UI location Group: AddMesh
Version 0,1,8 Author(s) Jimmy Hazevoet, Michel Anders, Ian Huish
Blender 2.79 License GPL

Executable information
File name add_mesh_ant_landscape.py
Current version download https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/BA/browse/master/ant_landscape/


  • This script is in Blender 2.7 Add-Ons menu.
  • In User Preferences select the Add-Ons tab.
  • You can activate the script there.
  • The script will now show up in the Shift/a->Mesh>Landscape.


Another Noise Tool - Landscape

  • This Script creates various Landscape/Noise mesh.
  • Press the Shift/a.
  • Then in Mesh
  • Press Landscape to create the new mesh.
  • You can change the type of landscape and it's parameters in the Toolbar Menu.
  • You can now change the parameters of active landscape object in the Properties shelf.



  • The interface for this script is found in the Tool Shelf > Operators.
  • The interface for active landscape object is found in the Properties Shelf (View 3D > N).
  • A.N.T.Landscape interface:
    • Main Settings: Object and mesh related settings like size and subdivisions.
    • Noise Settings: Noise related settings that give shape to your terrain.
    • Displace Settings: Settings for terrain height and edge falloff.

  • Landscape Tools in the Tool shelf (View 3D > T).
    • Mesh Displace: Displace selected mesh vertices along normal or x, y, z direction.
    • Weight From Slope: Generates a weighted vertexgroup slopemap based on z normal value.
    • Landscape Eroder: Apply various kinds of erosion to a A.N.T. Landscape grid, also available in Weight Paint mode > Weights menu.

Ant ui presets screen.png

Ant erosionr ui screen.png

Addon ant screen.jpg