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Generate a random group of new mesh objects guided with two meshes.
UI location 3D View, Tools, MixMesh
Version 0.0.2 Author(s) John Michael Palmer (jump)
Blender 2.6.3 License GPL
Category Add Mesh

Executable information
File name add_mesh_mixmesh.py
Current version download http://projects.blender.org/tracker/download.php/153/467/32057/21489/add_mesh_mixmesh.py
External Python Modules or dependencies mathutils

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This script creates new meshes based on two existing meshes, objects or shape keys. If two meshes are considered A and B whose equivalent vertices are ordered the same. Then for each vertex a range is considered from 0 to 1, where a value of zero would give a vertex from mesh A and a value of 1 would give the equivalent vertex from mesh B. New meshes are created by calculating positions defined by this range for each vertex. The calculation of position in this range for each vertex is given;

<math> f(x,y,z) = k_4xx + k_5yy + k_6zz + k_7xy + k_8xz + k_9yz + k_1x + k_2y + k_3z + k_0 </math>

all constants k are user defined and have a random range centred on the value. There is also a random value for each vertex individually.

A number of new mesh objects can be created as a group.

A number of output options are available to create the new meshes as objects or shape keys.

Here is a quick video http://vimeo.com/45520626



The Main Panel

Explanation here...

Use Object's Mesh data
Use Shape Keys
Blend using Linear and Quadratic terms

More explanation here...


Should install like a normal addon.

Can be installed by putting the python file in the folder blender/2.63/scripts/addons