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Channel Isolate and Frame
Isolates and frames a selected channel in the Graph Editor
UI location Graph Editor > Channel > Isolate and Frame
Usage Usage instructions:
  1. Select the channel
  2. Move your mouse to the Graph Editor
  3. Press ⇧ ShiftV or choose Channel > Isolate and Frame from the menu
Version 0.3.1 Author(s) Jason van Gumster (Fweeb)
Blender 2.73 License GPL
Category Animation Distribution Extern
Note(s) The operator *can* work with your mouse still in the Channels region, but not with the hotkey. Instead, you'll need to use the Space search feature and find "Isolate and Frame" there. Fortunately, Blender remembers your search, so subsequent uses can be pretty fast (Space > ↵ Enter).

Executable information
File name animation_channel_isolate_and_frame.py
Current version download https://github.com/Fweeb/blender_isolate_and_frame/archive/master.zip

Known Issues Unfortunately, the hotkey will not work in the Channels region of the Graph Editor. For some reason, there's no way to set a hotkey that will work from there. In fact, Shift+V is actually assigned to a visibility toggle in that region, but it cannot be overridden. So, until that gets fixed, the fastest method is to use the Spacebar search workaround.


  1. User Preferences → Addons → Install Addon...
  2. Use the File Browser to find animation_channel_isolate_and_frame.py on your hard drive
  3. Double-click or select the file and click Install Addon...
  4. Use the Addon browser to find and enable Channel Isolate and Frame (hint: it's in the Animation category)


This script originated in a thread on blenderartists.org by Chad Gleason ('fahr'). It's not perfect (see known issues above), but it does the job.


See usage above. More detailed instructions to come.