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Curve Tools
Creates driven Lofts or Birails between curves
UI location Group: Curve
Version 0.1 Author(s) Zak
Blender 2.5 Rev:#37702 License GPL

Executable information
File name curve_tools.py
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/curve_tools.py

Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?221213-Tools-for-curves


  • This script is in Blender 2.5 Add-Ons menu.
  • In User Preferences you can see the Extensions menu.
  • You can activate the script here.
  • The script will now show up in the Curve Menu.


  • Driven Loft between curves:

-Cyclics are not supported yet. -Supports Linear, Cubic and Hermite interpolations. Catmull is included but isnt right.

  • Birail between 3 curves:

-The order in which we select the curves and its direction its important to make this work right. -First select the profile and then the 2 paths to create the birail.

  • Arc Length:

-A small function thats calculates a curve length.

  • Merge Bezier Splines

-Join 2 bezier splines inside a curve.

  • Modify Nurbs Weights.

-The panel appears if we are on edit mode and select a nurbs spline. Object data section.

  • Subdivide or cut curves

Im working on more functions right now so this isnt finished yet. Ill let you know when i got more of them.

-It may raise some errors on specific situations at the moment but im working on it.

Some known bugs are: -If the mesh its driven you "cant" change the mesh's name. If its so, the driver cant find the object to modify it. Solve: give it the mesh the same name it had when it was created or delete the mesh and create it again. -If you create driven meshes, save your file, quit blender and reopen it without the addon loaded it raises errors. Solve: Open a text editor window, open the script into it and run it. Press "Update Fix"


Interface/Menu Overview

  • The interface for this script is found in the Curves Menu.

Known Issues

  • To do

Additional Information

  • In the Wiki writer's opinion always have Python Installed on your computer when using scripts. http://www.python.org/