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UI Classes Overview
Print the UI classes in a text-block.
UI location Text Editor > UI Cheat Sheet panel
Version 1.0.1 Author(s) lijenstina
Blender 2.78 License GPL

Executable information
File name development_ui_classes.py
Current version download In Blender release add-ons


  • UI Classes Overview
  • Simple add-on for development. List the UI Menus, Panels and Headers in a textblock.

Available options

  • Filters
  • Choice between Menu, Panel, Header and All - limit the overview to a specific class.
  • Generate as a Python dictionary
  • Formats the output of the text as an Python dictionary using the format Class: Path.

Classes overview example python dict.jpg


  • In the Text Editor > UI Region on the left find the UI Cheat Sheet panel, select the appropriate filters and click Generate UI list.
  • The newly generated Text-Block will be made active in the Text Editor with the name UIList_ + some number.
  • To access the previous ones, select them from the Header dropdown list.

Classes overview standard output.jpg