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Script Watcher
Reloads an external script on edits.
UI location Properties > Scene > Script Watcher
Version 0.6 Author(s) Isaac Weaver
Blender 2.75 License GPL
Category Development

Executable information
File name script_watcher.py
Current version download https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wisaac407/blender-script-watcher/v0.6/script_watcher.py

Warning Still in beta stage.
Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?381368-Addon-Script-Watcher

How to use

Script Watcher Panel

Navigate to Properties » Scene » Script Watcher And input the path to the script you want to watch and press Watch Script

To stop watching a script, simply press Stop Watching If you wan't to force reload the script press Reload

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Multi-File Projects
For multi-file projects, simply input the main __init__.py file of your project.


Use py console

Print the script output to blenders builtin python console.

Watch on startup

When selected, the current script will be ran on startup (if the file was saved while script watcher was running).

Debug mode

Debug mode can be enabled on individual consoles. While in debug mode you have access to all the script variables form the python console.

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