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BRIK - Blender Ragdoll Implementation Kit
Create rigid body structures from armatures and drive the armatures like ragdolls in the game engine.
UI location 3d View Tools Region.
Usage With an armature selected, hit the available buttons to run the operators that will: Create the rigid body structure, Create hit boxes, Write data to an internal file, Create game logic on the objects (and a spawn point with logic). Default in-game usage is ⇆ Tab to spawn an armature and mesh in the game and Space to trigger ragdolling on all spawned armatures/meshes.
Version 0.1 Author(s) Marcus P. Jenkins (FunkyWyrm)
Blender 2.77 License GPL/MIT (Game engine scripts are MIT, scripts to be used in Blender are GPL)
Note(s) Currently supports creation of rigid body structures from multiple different armatures in a single scene of a *.blend file. Original Addon updated for Blender 2.77 by meta-androcto. Only some small code fixes were needed.

Ragdolling is triggered simply by setting the game property on the spawned armature "BRIK_use_doll" to True.

The only limit to the number of ragdolls that can be simultaniously active is availabe processing power.

Executable information
File name BRIK_ragdolls/__init__.py BRIK.py

BRIK_ragdolls/BGE_scripts/BRIK_init_ragdoll.py BRIK_use_ragdoll.py BRIK_init_spawn.py BRIK_spawn_mob.py BRIK_load.py

Current version download https://github.com/meta-androcto/downloads/raw/master/game_engine_ragdolls_kit.zip
Python modules Used standard Python modules

Warning Early release, ready for testing but not currently recommended for use on important projects.
Links blenderartists.org thread


Release Log Todo and Release Log
Known Issues Multiple rigid body structures across different scenes can result in naming conflicts.

Workaround: Use a single scene with ragdolls per *.blend file.

Installing the BRIK addon

Download the zip, then install from file from within Blender User Preferences > Addons

  • game_engine_ragdolls_kit (folder)
    • __init__.py
    • brik.py
    • brik_funcs.py
    • templates (folder)
      • brik_init_ragdoll.py
      • brik_load.py
      • brik_spawn.py

From addons tab of Blender's "User preferences" window BRIK can be activated by checking the check box next to "Game Engine: BRIK - Blender Ragdoll Implementation Kit".

The BRIK panel should then appear at the bottom of the Tools panel that is to the left of the 3d View when in "Object mode".

An armature must be selected for the BRIK panel to display it's buttons.

See the Documentation for more info.

Introductory video

I made a video introduction to BRIK. Not so much a tutorial, but more of a showcase of current development status and capabilities.

It's my first presentation so it's a bit rough around the edges... and possibly a bit rough in the middle too. ;)

I thought I had it nailed on this third attempt, but this is where the bug concerning the naming conflict between multiple rigid body structures over multiple scenes reared it's ugly head. I left it in since it might be helpful for anyone trying my addon. To avoid the bug, just use a single scene and it should work fine.