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MouseMove Script
A Mouselook & Movement Script
UI location
Usage This script is designed to be quick to set up and easy to customize, and offers a Mouselook system and two optional Player movement features.
Version 2.7 2013/03/19 Author(s) Riyuzakisan
Blender 2.66.1 License CC

Executable information
File name mousemove.py
Current version download http://riyuzakisan.weebly.com/mousemove-script.html#download
External Python Modules or dependencies -

Links Manual on Riyuzakisan's blog


  • Open or Paste the script in Blender's Text Editor and give it a good name
    • Example: "mousemove.py"
    • It is recommended to add ".py" to the end
    • You may want to use the Format > Convert Whitespaces > To Spaces feature in the Text Editor. This will prevent any indentation related errors.
  • Select the Object you want to add the script to.
  • In the Logic Editor, add an Always sensor and enable True level triggering [`]
    • True level triggering on an Always sensor will update the script on every Logic tick.
  • Add a Python controller, and connect it with the Always sensor.
  • Select the mousemove script in the Python controller's drop down menu.

Note: As of update 2.61, you can use any sensor to trigger the Python controller.

Full instructions can be found in the Instruction Manual on Riyuzakisan's blog.