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Bge copy rotation
apply copy rotation in blender game Engine
UI location press space and type bge copy rotation
Version 1.0 Author(s) Vinay Godara
Blender {{{blender}}} License {{{license}}}
Category Game Engine
Note(s) can be used for static body type

Executable information
File name bge copy rotation
Current version download download

Warning under construction
Known Issues show warning on lanuch , but don't worry it does not effect your game


  • put 'capplycopy' and 'copyrotation' file in localdisk(c)
  • now, go to user preference and select addon tab ,then select from file and select the 'bgecopyrotation.py' file
  • check the box and save as defult
  • and you are ready


  • select object and add "copy rotation " constraint , then set target object (other option are coming soon)
  • go to 3d window and press space , then search for "bge copy rotation" and click on it
  • now your object start copying the target object