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Bge limiter
count object rotation in property form , which can be use for limit
UI location press space and type bge limiter
Usage press space and search for bge limiter click on it , and you get selected object rotation in property (prees debug button to see property during game )
Version 1.0 Author(s) Vinay Godara
Blender {{{blender}}} License {{{license}}}
Category Game Engine
Note(s) can be used for static body type

Executable information
File name bge limiter
Current version download ファイル:Bgelimiter.7zip

Warning under construction
Known Issues show warning on lanuch , but don't worry it does not effect your game


  • work for static body also
  • see reading during game
  • no need other object
  • can be used for limiting rotation
  • can work in parenting
  • float rotation to property
see below image 

installation instruction

  • extract zip
  • then put controt file in localdisk(c) (file can be put in different path;put you have to edit the path in "rotation limiter" file before installation.)
  • now lanuch blender
  • go to user perference
  • click install from file and select the file "rotation limiter"
  • check the tick mark
  • and save user setting

instruction for use

  • press space and type bge limiter,now go into logic editor
  • press property debug button to see value during game

use as limiter-

  • create two property sensor one for min and second for max. value of rotation
  • use greater then for min and less then for max. in property sensor
  • connect first to (negative) actuator through and sensor with any sensor (like keyboard)
  • connect second to (positive) actuator through and sensor with any sensor
see below image ,this limit the rotation of object between 0 and 90 degree along x_axis
  • please do not use this limiter to limit 2 or 3 axis for same object (it can limit only one axis for one object )

rot limit between 0 and 90