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3D-Coat Applink
Transfer textures and meshes between 3D-Coat and Blender.
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Version 1.61 Author(s) Kalle-Samuli Riihikoski (haikalle)
Blender 2.54 License GPL

Executable information
File name coat.py

Links http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6706


3D-Coat is a very powerful sculpting/painting program. With this 3D-Coat/Blender applink script you can easily move your objects and textures between these two programs.

How To Active 3D-Coat Applink

  • Launch Blender, then go File, User Preferences. Go to the Addons tab.
  • Select Import/Export. Now you should see 3D-Coat Applink option available. To active it, turn on checkbox next to it.
  • Press the "Save as Default" button. You should now see a new 3D-Coat Applink panel under the Scene tab.

How To Use 3D-Coat Applink


Watch this quick video tutorial how use the 3D-Coat Applink.