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Import Adobe Illustrator, PDF, SVG
Import vector files as mesh polygons
UI location File > Import-Export > Adobe Illustrator/PDF/SVG
Usage Select a file to import, adjust settings for smothness / bevel /extrude
Version 1.1 Author(s) Howard Trickey
Blender 2.78 License GPL
Category Import-Export Distribution Contrib
Note(s) Similar functionality to the official SVG importer, but handles more input formats and combines several actions of a common workflow - converting the curves to polygons, extruding, beveling.

Executable information
File name io_vector/__init__.py, geom.py, model.py, vecfile.py, offset.py, pdf.py, triquad.py, art2polyarea.py
Current version download https://sites.google.com/site/howardtrickey/pythonvector/io_vector.zip
Python modules math
External Python Modules or dependencies none
Data none

Warning Does not import bitmap images or text from the input files
Links Author's web page

BlenderArtists thread

Known Issues Some SVG functionality is missing.


This addon script reads Adobe Illustrator Files (all versions), PDF files, and SVG files, and converts the shapes into a mesh object as polygons. It tries to deal with holes properly. There is a primitive attempt to match the polygon colors to those specified in the input file.

There are different parameters that can be set in the Tool panel to affect the import. Some affect how curves are converted into the necessary straight line approximation, and others allow for optional extrude / bevel / cap the back operations after the shapes are imported.

The beveling operation is smart enough to work even when the edges would cross each other.


  • This is now available in addon_contrib. You should be able to find it on the Testing tab of User Preferences, where you can enable Import-Export: Adobe Illustrator/PDF/SVG


From Blender's File menu, select Import > Vector files (.ai, .pdf, .svg)

In the File Selector, select an Adobe Illustrator (any version should work), PDF, or SVG file that contains some shapes. Perhaps change some of the Import Options in the Import Options panel for this addon. Current options:

  • Smoothness: the bigger the number, the closer the approximation to curves by line segments
  • Scale: the number of Blender units for the longest side of the converted art
  • True Scale: if checked, ignore the Scale and bring in art at 1 blender unit = 1 meter
  • Subdivision:
    • Uniform: divide in half 'smoothness' times
    • Adaptive: like Uniform, but divide until curves are flat enough
    • Even: divide both curves and lines to try to make segments of uniform length
  • Filled paths only: ignore paths that aren't filled
  • Ignore white-filled: ignore paths that are filled with white (probably the background)
  • Combine paths: look at all paths together to decide where the holes are (will be slower)
  • Use colors: use the fill colors of solidly filled paths to make Blender materials for those polygons
  • Extrude depth: amount to extrude sides downward
  • Bevel amount: amount to bevel the top face inwards
  • Bevel pitch: angle from horizontal for bevel sides
  • Cap back: put a cap on the back side, if extruding

After any options have been picked, hit the Import PDF/AI/SVG button in the file selector.