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Export Selected
Export only selected objects to a specified format
UI location File > Export > Selected
Version 2.2.1 Author(s) dairin0d, rking, moth3r
Blender 2.78+ License GPL 3+
Category Import-Export Distribution External

Executable information
File name io_export_selected.py
Current version download https://raw.github.com/dairin0d/export-selected/master/io_export_selected.py

Links https://github.com/dairin0d/export-selected/blob/master/README.md


This addon provides a unified way to export selected objects to the registered export formats (or even to a .blend file):

  • Export to a single file or to multiple files (either each object separately or bundled by root object, group, layer or material)
  • Export just the selected objects, include their children (or even the whole hierarchy), or everything in the scene
  • Option to exclude objects by type
  • Option to exclude invisible objects

Additionally, the objects can be optionally preprocessed before export:

  • The "world origin" of the exported file can be centered to the active object, average/center of the selection, 3D cursor, or even to each object's pivot individually.
  • Duplicates can be made real (with the ability to preserve the hierarchy)
  • All geometry objects can be converted to meshes

If you often use a particular combination of export settings, it is possible to save them as a preset.

When installed, a submenu "Selected" will appear in the Export menu, where the available formats would be listed. However, in the addon preferences you can also enable a dedicated Export panel in the left shelf of the 3D view, which is useful for quick exporting.

Please note that the libraries referenced by the original .blend will also be included in the exported file, even if they aren't actually used. If you want to prevent this, you can enable the "Save .blend as a library" option in the addon preferences. However, in this case Blender will not save thumbnail pictures for the exported .blend files.

Also in the addon preferences, there is an option to rename datablocks (mesh data, curve data, etc.) to the names of the corresponding objects that use these datablocks.

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