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GoB for Blender 2.7x
Transfer textures and meshes between ZBrush and Blender.
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Version 2.72 Author(s) ODe
Blender 2.72 License GPL et SP95

Executable information
File name __init__.py, ext_GoB.pyc
Python modules os, struct, random, time

Links ZbrushCentral thread (2.72 update)

GoB_2-72.zip (Mac/Win)


ZBrush is a very powerful sculpting/painting program. With this ZBrush/Blender applink script you can easily move your objects and textures between these two programs.

What is new?

You can find the latest release and the ZBrushCentral link
It is an addon for Blender with an entry inside ZBrush.
It use the capabilities of GoZ, and you can switch between GoZ apps.
It works with Bmesh, but convert Ngons for compatibility with ZBrush.


You can transfer:

  • Objects (only meshes)
  • Polypainting
  • UVs
  • Mask
  • Polygroup
  • Diffuse map
  • Normal map
  • Displacement map


  1. Extraction.
    • Extract the 'Blender' directory contents at this path:
    on Windows

    on Macintosh
    • Extract the 'GoB_2-72.py' file somewhere outside of the zip file. Open the addon panel, then click 'Install From Files...' button at bottom. Select the GoB_2-72.py file. This will install the addon inside the correct folder. Check the GoB box and save the User preferences to launch it at startup. Then click on the blue icon on the header (on top of Blender) to acivate autoloading. The icon is green for autoloading activated.
  2. Configure ZBrush.
    • In 'Preferences' -> 'GoZ', you will see appear the 'path to Blender' entry. This will create the config for Blender. Now you can select it to use GoZ with Blender. Check the GoZ manual to use it.


The addon add two icon (the Brush Pinch icon and a blue icon) in the top info panel:

  • By clicking on the brush icon, you export the selected mesh objects into ZBrush.
  • By clicking on the Blue icon, you switch it to green and activate the autoloading mode. Latest objects are imported from GoZ.

GoB addon preview.png

Known issues

  • Blender can not have two objects with the same name, but ZBrush can. So if you export several objects from ZBrush, check names or some objects will miss.
  • From Blender you need to manually apply modifiers before export objects, in example if you do not apply the mirror modifier, you will have only one side of your object in ZBrush)
  • Polygroups inside ZBrush use faces for grouping. Blender use vertex for grouping, so the script use some conversions. There is some bug with polygroup you can lost them...
  • Same for polypainting, in Blender a vertice can have one color per face, but not in ZBrush.